Ideas for a range of FP4(+)

USB 3.1 or at least 3.0 is very important!
The FM Radio would be fantastic too.

But what about “Display-Port over USB Type-C”?
And the option to use a USB-Mouse and Keyboard?
Then I can connect my Fairphone to a monitor and use a mouse and keyboard.

Edit 1)

I still have an “Lumina 950XL” with a “Display Dock”.
I can connect my old Galaxy Note 8 to this “Display Dock” and there I connect a USB-Mouse, a USB-Keyboard and a monitor.
So I can use the Note 8 like a PC (the Note will go to a friend these days).

Would love to have this on my Fairphone 4 too!

Edit 2)

With “Display-Port over USB Type-C” also devices like the Mirabook (The Mirabook | Turn your smartphone into a laptop with Miraxess) will work.

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You can already do so now (at least with a mouse) by hooking up an OTG adapter or cable to the USB-C port. I think that’s a better solution than making room for an additional port on a smartphone.

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@urs_lesse I updated my posting above, so you see what I mean.

Here is an image of the “Display Dock” that I found on Bing:

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Keyboard as well.

Pinephone got dip switches for kill switch regarding camera, radios, etc. That seems like a good idea for FP4 as well.

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Maybe not just for an FP4 or later but also doable on FP3(+) via software update?

I’d like to have Seedvault as a second backup provider in addition to Google cloud backup. It would allow to store the backup on the SD card, a USB stick our your own nextcloud server.

It should work, at least it does on Lineage which has Seedvault as default. And as I also installed the GAPPs package, the two different backup providers are present and I can select which one to use.


I would love those dip switches on the side. :smiley: One switch each for GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, Microphone and one for all cameras. That´s really a good idea for the FP4!
(Then a Webcam Cover is no longer necessary.)


I’m certainly interested in the smaller size. Work just gave me an iPhone se 2020 and I’ve realized it’s all the phone I need. It’s so small and light, it fits easily in a running belt so can be carried anywhere, anytime. If I could update my knackered Samsung to a fairphone I could train with I’d be top of the queue. Phones have gotten too big and impractical and a lot of customers simply need an easy to handle device.

Subjectively for some people buts ‘lots’ as a percentage is not very many. Fairphone are looking for customers that are concerned primarily about Fairtrade, user friendly modularity secondly.

I doubt a small phone is popular enough and that Fairphone have the financial backing to make more than one model. With the degree of modularity they are investing in would be technically far more difficult than the options that companies as affluent Samsung can afford.

If the modularity was forsaken then a smaller phone would be possible but I doubt Fairphone would want to backtrack on that aspect.

But yes smaller would suit me :slight_smile:

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Yes these are the main reasons why I haven’t bought a fairphone yet.

Some main drawbacks for buying a FP for me, are that it is not waterproof, low display quality, and the camera.

Well the waterproofing may be an issue if you want to use it in the rain but the screen and camera are fine.

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Fairphone 4 - smaller, cheaper, less performance, two camera (normal + wide)
Fairphone 4+ - more expensive, more performance, better camera, OLED, that’s sounds great.

You will cover two big parts of market, some people just want to phone for Facebook, messenger, instagram, nothing more.

Some people (like me) want to pay more, for better phone near to flagship.

Covering both part of market sounds like great shape to get more customers and help change the world.


Haven’t read all the comments yet, but a few thought from me…

  • I see a few mention USB-3.x. Although I still find it unbelievable that the FP3 basically has a usb-c-2.x bottom module, why not skip usb-c-3.x and give it USB4?
  • 5G has already been mentioned in different issues.
  • OLED displays sound really nice :slight_smile:
  • Different specs/versions, like one “low end” and one “high end” version, can really make Fairphone more interesting for a wide, very wide range of (future) consumers.

I’ve read the USB-C port in the module is the problem here. It seems to be missing some connector pins. If the port/module is re-designed (why not shoot up to USB4 while we’re at it?) wouldn’t these problems be solved???

Well it all depends upon what the core module can support, it’s nothing to do with the bottom module. You know we all have one, the bottom just follows the body.

It would be great if we get wifi 6e,nfc,5g AND FM Radio /DAB Radio.
Being able to get news in case of emergency and for entertainment purposes makes it a lot cheaper on the data plan.
It is often part of the bluetooth and wifi chips but needs to be connected instead of grounded.
I hope fairphone doesn’t try to save a tiny percentage of a cent and allow classic radio on the phone.

For a phone it would always be nice if it gave access to the encryption algorithm that is used when we are connecting to the cellphone tower.
I really miss an indicator that shows a0-a5 besides the connection protocol (1-5g)

Whatever soc is used, a complete support in the linux upstream kernel by the manufacturer would be great for sustainability.
It is also faster if its not done by the community.

A bigger version is ok, but i wouldn’t vary a few inch -+, lets have 5,5 and 11/13 inch, aka a tablet and a phone.

Maybe you could get inspired by the librem5 and have hardware isolation for the modem, the camera and the microphone via switches to be completely safe from spying in certain situations


RE FM/DAB radio
Yes a good point, where there is no network or wifi.


Never heard or read of a Bluetooth/WiFi chip that is capable of receiving FM radio…

Year 2007

Year 2009

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That was more than ten years ago…

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The poco f1 with an sdm845 also covers FM Radio. So do 2021 phones.
I just can’t guarantee how they wired it.