Keyboard Lag (delayed input) on Android 11 on FP3+

Hi there,

I’ve been noticing an increase in keyboard lag over the last couple of months (maybe even specifically after my last update) on FP3+.
I’m on Android 11 (8901.4.A.0019.1).
I use Gboard with multi language support (tried to cut it down to the minimum of writing systems I need, but it still happens).

Not sure if there is a proper term for it but occasionally, probably once in every 10 times the keyboard comes up, when I start typing, it catches the first one or two characters but then freezes if I keep typing (no haptic feedback or text input on screen), then all the characters come in all at once after a second or two, including the haptic feedback.

Have you experienced the same? Are there any known solutions?
I’ve found only one other forum topic and the guy had several other problems I don’t have (e.g. memory issues between Android Activities etc.), so that’s why I’m asking here.


There are other such reports which you may find if you search, but it may well be one of the following:

  • App overload :- try clearing the cache
  • Memory load :- check to see if you have 6GB left etc. Clear the bin in any image app etc.
  • SD card formatted as internal which totally messes with the memory
  • A RAM problem :- Clear the cache of all or many apps.
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