Keyboard lag (delayed input) on any Android system (10, 11, 13) on FP3

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I am happy to find someone with the same problem as me. I troubleshot this issue at length with support and they said they had no reports like mine, so I am posting it here to see if anyone else can relate.

The short version is, sometimes they keyboard will freeze, and I can keep typing on it but the whole phone will stay frozen, and after 2-10 seconds it will unfreeze and the keyboard will catch up, typing very quickly everything that I typed while it was frozen. To me, it only froze when I wrote special characters such as ,.:?()*, and similar. When typing letters and/or numbers, it almost never froze, which again, made me think it wasn’t a RAM or cache problem. I am also not using an SD card at all. Clearing the

The issue happens with the original keyboard app that comes on default with Android, Gboard. It does NOT happen if you uninstall all updates from this app!! Which is why I thought it’s a problem with the app, but if many FP3(+) users don’t encounter this issue at all, then it might be something more specific.

If your keyboard sometimes freezes, try uninstalling the updates, and if then the problem is suddenly gone, then you might have the same issue as I do!

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