Is the FP2 sensible to hot/sweltry weather?

I am beginning to see a pattern between my FP2’s reboot loops (as described here) and the weather. Hold on!
I don’t know if this is just coincidental or real, but let me explain.

The day when my phone entered this “crash loop” for the first time, 23 July '16, was a very hot/swealty one, so was the day after and the following week wasn’t much better. But since this happened again around 1 August '16, the phone was working without any problem for roughly a week.

8 August '16 was again a very hot and swealtry day here where I live. And in the late afternoon, my FP2 crashed and was in this reboot loop again. So I plugged it to my PC and let it lay there over night (discharging the battery as I saw the next morning, since it never got past the boot screen). But the following (cooler) day(s), I could charge it again and it worked (until now).

I’m going to keep this under observation for I don’t have any other clue about the origin of these crashes.

But did anyone else make a similar experience or is it really just a coincidence resp. a very “special” occasion in my case? What do you think?


On late July, when I was on holiday, the weather was very hot and I had a behavior similar to yours, I thought the same thing that the phone could suffer hot ambient conditions.
Please keep the log and I’ll try to do the same so we can try to gather as much information as possible :slight_smile:
Thank you, bye!



Seems as if it was really just coincidence in my case.

The whether is cool and rather dry since Tuesday. Yet, my FP2 crashed again two days ago and it didn’t get past the bootscreen ever since. :disappointed:

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Yes, mine is too. I am working in Uganda, Africa and there is one humid place where the FP2 always fails. It seems to cope with dry heat OK but not moist. I have to remove the battery several times and, in the end, it struggles back into life.

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