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Did anybody success yet?
I switched from iphone to Fairphone and waited until A12 was available, because they made it very hard to transfer all the data. Now we do have A12 finally, but I still didn’t manage to transfer the data. Am I missing something?

I’m using a connector between iphone and USBC.

I already tried everything and nothing worked, please help…

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Hi and welcome, maybe you want to ask here if the person could migrate WA as well


Thanks! I missed the part where I need to set it back to factory settings. Will try it tomorrow. Hopefully it will work

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The whatsapp migration didn’t happen as part of the initial setup, but it was really easy to do by going into the WA settings on iphone whilst the still connected and using their own transfer wizard. Took about 5 minutes.

The one thing I would say about the whole process is that it does take approx an hour or so, so best not to try going anywhere in that time as the phones need to remain connected to wifi too. I moved between two wifi points for a short while and it possibly interfered with the process, but it is hard to say conclusively.

Hello, same problem here.
I recently purchased a Fairphone 4 and after updating the operating system to Android 12, I am trying to transfer my WhatsApp data from my old iPhone using a cable, as suggested by the official WhatsApp guide. WAfaqs
However, I am not succeeding in this because during the process (I have already tried several times), the following step is missing and I don’t know why “use the iPhone camera application to scan the QR code when prompted and open iOS WhatsApp to export the data.”. The QR code never appears on my Fairphone 4 and apparently, there’s no other way I’ve tried to transfer the data successfully.
I wanted to see if anyone else is encountering the same problem and if anyone has already solved it. Thank you.

If all other options fail you might try to do a backup within Whatsapp, transfer the created files to your FP4 and put them in the appropriate place (see [HOWTO] Transfer WhatsApp messages from Google Android to /e/ (backup and restore) - #31 by LG75 - HOWTOs - /e/OS community) to restore them.

Tried to put my first status on Whatsapp on my new phone (since forever using an iPhone). Unfortunately it said that I can’t put any status with ‘this device’ and that I should switch to my ‘primary phone’ …
Using a Fairphone 4, Android 12, no SD card.

How did you initialize WhatsApp on your new phone?
Usually you would make a backup from within WhatsApp on the old phone, then on the new phone set up WhatsApp with the same phone number.
If you just add an extra device by scanning a QR code from your existing app on the iPhone then WhatsApp creates a secondary instance.

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