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Ah, ok, hadn’t checked any links on that page so far. You’re right, those point to an “access denied” error.

(The title is a bit cliche with “iPhone” but the point stands.)

In general, the problem with Linux on smartphones looks much like its problem on PCs. Many and various groups enjoy developing new versions of the operating system, which are all more or less doomed from birth. None of them have the skills, the interests or the money to create viable platforms that include the hardware, apps, services, packaging, marketing, advertising, distribution and support on the sort of scale needed to sustain a real product. Without those, they are unlikely to attract much interest beyond hobbyists and enthusiasts.


The magic word is (backwards) compatibility. AFAIK only official Sailfish offers something like that with Alien Dalvik. But it does not have to be that way (see Anbox).

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The lifetime of an Android API vulnerability

This is about an old vulnerability in WebView/JavaScript allowing RCE via e.g. ads

[…] The fix required both the Android operating system, and all apps installed on the handset, to support at least Android API Level 17. Thus, the deployment of an effective solution for users was especially challenging.

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FP3 should be announced by the end of August (French link) #interestingarticles https://www.lesmobiles.com/actualite/26766-fairphone-annoncera-fin-aout-un-nouveau-produit.html


Here’s another french article:

And they have a new posting on their facebook-page:

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Mozilla’s podcast IRL: Online Life Is Real Life (with transcript) explores de environmental impact of the internet in this chapter. It also mentions the Ecosia search engine.


Hi all,
This post by Fairphone on Medium made me think: should we be expecting some movement in the direction of open source by Fairphone in the near future? For example, away from Android and towards some of the more open source, and free, OS projects which exist (e.g. /e/, Sailfish, UBports Touch, Plasma Mobile, etc)?
Personally, I would welcome this and anything that Fairphone can do to make this easier for the developers, like providing open source drivers or at least the binary blobs together with documented APIs for them.
Or am I expecting too much? :wink:
Cheers :smile:

Some news on Fairphone 3:

“… a listing for the Fairphone 3 has popped up on the Bluetooth SIG website. Aside from confirming the name [of the phone] and Bluetooth 5 capabilities, the listing doesn’t tell us anything else though.”



And there is a kind of follow up to the announcements on those website:



If they are really aiming to present “a new phone” at the upcoming IFA this will surely cause quite some attention and probably a good sales/order boost.


If you sign up for the Fairphone newsletter you get a coupon with 10 EUR off next order over 100 EUR. This coupon is valid till 31 Dec 2019, so I suppose you could use it to buy the Fairphone 3.



Circular Economy: Thomas Rau at TEDxZwolle (2013)

You have at least convinced me to sign out of my Google Account when I’m not using it. My favorite browser is Vivaldi, which of course is based on Google Chrome (I’m not on a smartphone). I would use Firefox if the text in the address bar was highlighted when I click on it. It’s a rather minor issue, but it’s never been fixed.

Wrong - based on Chromium
Wrong again - not a bug, just an option. I got help from community members:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar and hit return.
  2. Search for browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll
  3. Doubleclick that entry to set it to true.
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A what? I’m confused.

“Battery” is literally “accumulator” in Germanic languages.


Only a “rechargeable battery”, to be more precise :wink:
(But accumulator is a correct british term as well; Germans spell it with “kk” instead of “cc”.)
And “non-fixed installed” would mean “removable”, if I get it right.


I learn something new every day.