Have to buy new non-Fairphone phone

My Fairphone 1 needs a new battery which I am unable to get, hence I will have to buy another phone. Hope to buy a Fairphone 2 in the future.

There are batteries for the FP1 available.
Find all info about them here:


i managed to get an FP1 battery from a friend, & then attended a Fairphone meet-up where i was given another one. The person who gave me this one, also had another one. so there are definitely still some around. don’t give up on your FP1 yet! :slight_smile:


I got a couple of Stonering batteries from Ali Express – not at all expensive. I would recommend buying at least two, as one of mine behaved quite strangely. As long as you don’t need 4G or the latest Android, the FP1 still has potential!

In case you have not stumbled upon this posting (and the following one) already:

Regarding the batteries for FP1: the ones that @paulakreuzer linked to are working really fine. No need to buy more of them, than you need.

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