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I have a question about the Interactive clock widget. Is there any way to edit it? I would like two things, let me explain :

  • I noticed that there is a colored shade on the lockscreen, which i guess goes with the widget. The color changes from time to time, at the moment it’s “past the expiry date chick” yellow (not in the pantone matching system ^^) . When combined with a background picture, be it colored or black and white, it can quickly get out of control, and, frankly, fugly. Is there any way to deactivate that color?

  • secondly, i like the “peace of mind” and “proud owner” options, but they are quite useless (which makes them indispensable, i know*). When i wake my phone, it’s usually to know the time. But they seem to appear at random (or last used, i guess?). Is there any way to make the clock appear each time?

*my longest time at the moment is 666 minutes, i’m working really hard to never beat that \m/

Thanks in advance!


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Not as far as anyone on the forum has figured out. The colour depends on battery charge, see this discussion:

There’s some discussion about this over here:

You could consider finding a different lockscreen, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to change these features in the standard lockscreen.

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If you start your phone, swipe the lockscreen until you see the time, then proceed as normal.
Now the phone knows you want to start with the clock, next time when you start your phone you will see the time.

[quote=“Johannes, post:2, topic:18270”]see this discussion
There’s some discussion about this over here[/quote]
Geez, sorry… I searched, i promise ^^

funny… useless to me, but funny nonetheless. Is it an android or a fairphone feature? from what i read over there, it looks like a fairphone feature…

I’m new to Android, so bear with me… The lockscreen is considered as an app? Is there a difference between the “lockscreen” and the “interactive clock” (with all its fancy and shiny features)? If it’s the same, it means that the whole “lockscreen” was developped or forked from the android stock by the fairphone team?
If it’s the case, wouldn’t it be possible to create a setting page somewhere where we could deactivate the charging colors and select the clock’s tab which appears by default.

Well, the clock problem seems to not really be a problem. I’ll see how it goes now that i understand how it works… if i understand you correctly, @Lidwien, it means that the last “tab” displayed will appear next time?

Thanks to you both

No worries, the search function isn’t world’s best, I still struggle with it myself (it takes a couple of tries to find topics that I know exist).

It is. On the Fairphone 1 it also applied to the regular background, but at least you could switch it off. There’s hope that the option will also come to the Fairphone 2, but I’m guessing they’re still fixing some of the bugs that interfere with stability first.
I’m not sure whether the clock is a widget on the default lockscreen, or whether they’ve modified the entire lockscreen. I’m not even aware of ways of changing the widgets on the lockscreen, so it may be both. Chances are that the source code that Fairphone has published contain the source for the lockscreen, which would mean there’s potential that even someone from outside of Fairphone can implement a way to modify the behaviour (though that leaves the challenge of how to install a solution).

Yes correct, the last tab is displayed the next time.

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