Icons from SD card disappear after reboot

When I start my fairphone2, apps from the SD card disappear from the homescreen after restart. Apparently this has been an issue already with fairphone1. I read through some fixing comments but didn`t find any that would help me in this situation. Is this bug still not fixed? Anyone experiences the same issues and knows an answer? PLease let me know

Yep, same problem here, the icon of apps on SD card disappears when the phone reboots.
So yes, technically we do have a lot of internal storage space to keep all apps there, but I would like to be able to choose what I do with my phone and where I put my apps…

Same issue here. My apps on the SD card dissapear after reboot.

Also I created a folder /Media/Audio/Alarms (and Notifications and Ringtones) on the SD card so that I could use my own ringtones and alarms. The configuration for them dissapears after each reboot as well…

I’m afraid that under Andoid 5 it’s not advisable to install any apps on the external SD card, nor having your own ringstones etc. there. To avoid your problems, install all apps on the internal storage and copy your files to the corresponding folders there. We’ve got 32 GB of internal storage, so there’s plenty of space.

I’m struggling with the same problem here. No more icons on my phone since rebooth. I don’t know how to get them back. Even the basics are gone. I’ve had this phone for 2 months and nothing but trouble (charging is bad, pictures are green, icons disappear…) and I’m really kicking myself for buying this phone. Sorry, needed the vent that. So, how do I get my basic icons back? Does anyone know? I’ve tried all the settings, but nothing works…