Apps on SD card under Android 7.1.2 loosing icon

Hi, I am back with a new FP2.

Besides the known problems with Android 7.1.2 it is running not so bad :wink:

One question: I added a SD card as internal storage. Apps which are installed on the card are running correctly - but their icon is always lost on the main screen. If I move the app to the internal phone storage I don’t see this issue.

Any idea?

This seems to be an issue since Android 5. See e.g. this old topic:

Ok. Thanks for your fast reply.

On Android 5 it was not recommended to install apps on the SD card. In the description about stores on Android 7 the possibility to install them there is mentioned.

BTW I thought it might be a problem with the r/w speed of the SD card. So I bought a very “high speed” SanDisk Extreme PRO (170 / 90 MB/s). But with the same result.

I am experiencing the same phenomenon with disappearing icons on the startscreen, and it seems I am victim to the same error in placing my apps on the SD card. …older person, not very skilled in things mobile phone and smartphone etc.…
So what I would like to do is transfer all my apps one by one from the SD card to the internal storage. Is there a how-to anywhere that you can point me to? I would not want to deteriorate the situation any more for lack of education…

Edit: I succeeded with one of the apps… (method: playing around…) and will try to do so with the rest as well.

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