I was a satisfied FP1U user, now I am an unsatisfied FP2 user

I have been a rather satisfied FP1U owner: apart from being a bit bulky it did its job and most importantly I was able to easily order a spare speaker and replace it.

I now switched to FP2 and I have to say that I am rather unsatisfied, these are the main problems afflicting me:

I upgraded expectantly to Faiprhone OS 1.2.8 but none of these problems were solved. I sincerely hope things can be solved with a software update, but if they are related to hardware problems or no update is going to solve the problems in short, I will have to change phone and Fairphone will have lost one of its customers since FP1U.

Thank you and regards,
Giulio Marcon


Opening support tickets is the way to go for this, see other PF2 users’ experiences here:

The other issues you mention are best discussed in the topics that you link to. For those for which there is no topic, a new topic can be opened if there are no other relevant topics. Having topics with multiple issues being discussed doesn’t work well. It’s also difficult for other community members to help if the problem being discussed isn’t apparent from the title (as probably very few people will read all of the ~100 topics created each day). If you want an official reaction (I’m not entirely certain what it is that you actually want/expect), you’ll need to contact official Fairphone support as most people on the forum (including the moderators) are Fairphone users like you.


Well, I have created a feature request for this. (Like the post there to vote.) If you don’t only want to switch in the settings but also in the pull-down menu or as a widget feel free to create a new feature request.

I can successfully use both SIM cards in my FP2 in the O2 Germany network.
Did you use the same SIM cards in both phones? Did you try a manual network selection?
Maybe FP2 prefers other networks than FP1. Or they measure the network quality differently.
I do not see why the behaviour described by you is bad. As I understood, you don’t get “no network”.

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Thank you all for the advice, in particular for pointing me to the “bright spot” post (I was unable to find it, probably looked for the wrong keywords) and for the feature request about quick switching 3G/4G SIM.

Apart from the single problems I had that will be discussed in the specific existing or new topics, the general topic I want to discuss here is: are other FP1U users happy about their FP2 experience or are they frustrated like I are? I had the impression that FP1U was a solid product with some points of improvement, while the feeling I get about FP2 is of an unstable product that was pushed to fast to the market.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.



I for once am quite happy with the FP2.
I have to say though that if my parnter’s phone didn’t break, I wouldn’t have a bought a new one, as I was quite happy with the FP1 (only the software availability was disappointing).
With the FP2 I am very happy. Though I also have no problems with it, my FP2 works just fine. Only once again I am not happy with the software availability, but the situation is much better than with the FP1. I hope for a useful alternative soon to be able to replace the stock Android. But at least if we’d be stuck on it the outlook for updates is much better.

Anyhow, point is: I’m happy with the FP2.


hi there,
I would like to stress that I am very convinced of the concept of fair electronics.
That’s why I got a FP1, and a FP2 subsequently.

A new model will most surely have faults in hardware and will have software issues as well.
No big deal, IF the product is usable, and if bugs are being fixed in due time.
After the OS update I still get random reboots in the most annoying situations, the battery drains within 10-12 hours, and I fiddle around with display settings to avoid flickers etc. In sum the phone is definitely not what it says on the label: a 500€ smartphone. This level of performance/faults I would typically expect from a 120€ product…
The FP1 was definitely much more reliable. Pity I gave it away.
On 14 March I asked support for advice regarding bug fixes or otherwise returning the product. Not a word since.
Under these circumstances the phone is going back because it is too far from what I paid for.
Update 20 Apr friendly reply email from support

Hi tofra,

The SIMs are the same that I was using on the FP1U (of course in the FP1U I was using them with adapters from micro SIM to SIM). If I try to use the manual network selection I do not see the network on which the other SIM is already connected as available. I was unable to find other posts related to this problem so I will probably have to open a new one.

Giulio Marcon

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I’m really happy with my FP2.

I don’t have any serious problems, just the common bugs, and with the community workarounds I hardly notice them.

I still have my FP1 and I use it quite often to look up stuff if people here in the forum have questions. Now it seems very slow to me (especially when changing the system language) and the screen is so small. The camera of the FP2 is also much better and the hardware finally strong enough to tun some VR stuff.

The only thing I really miss of my FP1 are some functions of Android 4, like for example the double SIM and the SD card handling.


I got a FP2 since I have friends that have FP1 and are really satisfied with them. I also really like the concept. All from the start my FP2 has rebooted itself several times a day for what I know no reason - it does it in different situations - no specific. Also the FP2 main camera does not focus when zooming or wanting to take a close up photo. I’ve reported this to support but gotten no answer. First report I made 2 months ago when I’ve had the FP2 for 2,5 days. Still haven’t heard anything…

For some people this is better after the update to 1.2.8. Aparently the software team is working on improving matters further in a next update (though I can’t seem that statement on the forum at the moment). There is some discussion about this issue here:

This is discussed here, it appears that some of the camera modules are defective in some way:

If there are any other issues that you wonder whether others are also experiencing, check out the common issues topic or the bugs list.

Fairphone support has had some major issues and are still working to recover. Unfortunately it’s not unheard of that support requests have gone unanswered for months. Depending on how you filed your support ticket the first time, you could consider opening a support request under the repairs category for the camera, as this seems to have worked for some people in the topic linked above.

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