I really need help with my FP2 i cant get through on the phones can anyone help its urgent as i have lost all usability

First think this morning I had a Team Win Recovery Project screen on my phone with options to reboot, backup etc. I’ve never seen this screen before (i’ve had the phone since 2015) its FP2. Now I get the ‘welcome screen’ which asks me to 'copy data or set up as new. I dont know what to do. Of course i dont want to set up as new as I have lots of data on my phone i just dont know where its gone??? please help. I have been trying to get help on the phone all day but each time i have a 3 minute wait time and then i am told that there is no one available…

I think you should tell some more details: which OS + version do you have installed (originally FPOS, FPOpenOS, Lineage, …), when updated the last time succesfully? You have TWRP installed, right? Did you make any special things (updates etc.) directly before the last time the phone “worked”? Do you have your data stored on external SD or only on internal memory? Dou you have set-up/installed ADB/Fastboot at your PC (e.g. for formerly install TWRP)?
You did not made any input after you saw the “welcome screen”, right?

That’s just all question to give some more hints which should be the minimum to have a clou what could going on on your phone - not yet any help, I know.

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Perhaps you are lucky and a Fairphone Angel is located near your place?

Hi there,
I’ve had the same issue in December (I’ve had this fairphone since 2015 as well, and had never seen the TWRP screen before either) and unfortunately, the only solution for me has been to do a factory reset. I sent a request to fairphone support’s team to create a ticket and the answer I got was to reset my fairphone to factory settings. I really hope that someone will have a different answer for you, but that’s my experience of it.
Good luck!

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