I need a new Fairphone

My Fairphone 2 was stolen. Fairphone 3 is out of stock. Fairphone 3+ takes 8 weeks to be delivered. I am in Italy where can I buy one straight away?

If you are fine with the /e/ os*, their delivery time is a lot shorter. If not, you could try Rebuy.

*) There were a few people in the forum, who criticized how the developers handled the official corona apps. Essentially, they don’t work, though there are manual workarounds (and forked corona apps that do track properly).


Do you know the list of resellers?

List of Fairphone 3 Resellers

List of Fairphone 2 Resellers + prices

Here it is available and they ship it to Italy



I often see Vireo recommended when the Fairphone is out of stock. The problem is that while Vireo’s product overview page (displaying several products) happily shows a product as available, the “smallprint” (actual availability) in the individual product page often differs a lot when it comes to availability (I have actually asked Vireo a while ago which estimate should be seen as valid, but did not get a response).

In this case, Vireo’s estimate of 10 to 20 working days sounds a lot like they are simply just waiting for new stock just like Fairphone is.


Rebuy seems a good idea. thank you

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Thanks, very helpful X

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There you’ll have to wait for something to become available, but there are offers every 2-3 weeks.

The OS can be reverted to Fairphone OS, so the slightly higher price for the preinstalled /e/ would be paid for availability in this case.

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As of today, the FP3 (without plus) can be ordered with a delivery time of 1-2 weeks again.


Maybe they also complete phones on Ever Given (and not only modules)?

Hi! A big Hello from Italy. I bought a Fairphone 3 in September 2020 through Vodafone (the only company in Italy which provide that smartphone). All is fine. I’m paying a montly fee which costs less than the whole phone.



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Good news, thank you.

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