I cannot get in touch with customer service

I have been trying to call the customer service, they kept me waiting and after minutes they finished the call ‘sorry no agents available, please contact again later’. Please, can somebody tll me how I do get in touch? I sent an email but the automatic reply said: 10 business days! Mt phone is broken and I don’t know which part I need to replace. Help!

FP headquarters have closed because of the epidemic and everyone is working from home, which is why customer service is going to be slower than usual. There’ll be an announcement about it this week.

For now emailing is your best bet, but it’s all going to take more time.

In the meantime, if you have an issue, maybe the community here on the forum can help you?


I had a respons of the customer service, that is not very hopeful: my phone has fallen in the water and I have no clue wich part is damaged. So no idea of what part I should order. Sending back to the repaircentre would need months, as they are down now.
I anybody can help me finding out what should be repared, that would be helpfull. This faiphone3 is only 5 months new!

Have a look on this guide:


Most of the hints in the #waterwiki are valid for any phone.

Here’s how to disassemble a Fairphone 3 …


Follow the advice others have given here and study the Waterwiki. The key to rescuing a smartphone that has taken a dive is patience, so you should strictly leave out the battery and not turn it on before next week.

If you urgently need a phone to gap that time and cannot borrow one nearby, you might create a search topic in this forum’s market category. I am sure there are many people on this forum who could provide a working phone (not necessarily a Fairphone, just one that works) that they no longer use and could lend to you. This should not take much longer than buying a new one as right now new smartphones can only be bought online, too.


Just to mention … phones can be rented, too.
Might help temporarily to avoid buying one just to bridge some time.

Then again … a second phone is an excellent backup plan, as is evident with a failure such as this one here.


Hi all, thank you for your help. What a kind community is this. I have chosen to find a repairshop with a little chance they can help me. In the meantime I use an old phone that will do for a short while.


Great! Stay healthy and take care.

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