How to upgrade (sideload) from Android 11 0023.0 to 8901.4.A.0025.0

This article shows clear instructions on how to sideload from 8901.4.A.0025.0 to 0026, but I am still running 0023.0. Where is the link to the upgrade from 0023.0 to 0025.0?

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same question here, for 2 phones !

thanks !!!


Since these are OTA files generated from specific versions, there is no option but to go versionwise. Meaning, 23->24->25->26 one by one.


OK, but for folks wishing to go to the latest update on A11, Sideload is the option (no more OTA updates) and there seems to be a gap between 0023 and 0025 (only 0025 → 0026 seems to be available, per the link in the OP), so the question: how to manually go from 0023 to (0024 then) 0025 first ???

I dont think there was a Version 024, so going from 023 to 025 would be the way to go, even the file seem to be named this way

I can’t find the link to on the page you linked. Do you have a direct link?

OK. Sorry for the confusion. Looks like the team has uploaded the wrong file onto Flashing with fastboot section.

There is an option to flash the latest version(4.A.0026.1) from any older version(0023.0 in your case).

Please use this file and use the provided script based on your OS.

NOTE: I am not sure if this would wipe the data(factory reset) or would allow to retain data. So, proceed with caution.

@gabrieleb could you please have a look at this?


Hi, I’m the guy who was trying to sideload that file, it didn’t work. Ended up completely ditching my FP3+ and getting a new phone.

flashing via fastboot means unlocking the bootloader and loosing data. the point of the OTA files was to give people the chance to stay on A11 (due to the fingerprint issue) without unlocking and loosing data. So actually FP should provide all those not A11 OTA updates and not only the latest, as they do for the fastboot files.


well I guess it actually worked, maybe not for you? Maybe you hit the issues using the wrong instructions?

Discussed here

To be honest, I think fairphone really messed up with their fingerprint sensor issue.

  1. The upgrade to android 13 comes with absolutely no warning or whatsoever

  2. The provided workaround is only manageable by technically capable people and still then the correct links are not available.

  3. Providing only android 11 and stopping support for that early 2024 is not really a solution.

I chose this handset because it came with the promise of at least 4 years support, so far the hardware experience was not very good (slow processor, bad camera) and the promise of 4 years support was not kept. I liked the idea of the repairability of the FP, but what is it worth if this brick goes to e-waste after barely 3 years?

Turns out the file is here

Stupid that the link is nowhere on the support page, and nobody on this forum is capable of providing the link.

nice way to say thanks (to other user!) for trying to help!

And where is this coming from? what is digitalocenaspaces? that does not seem to be anything official?

As Google directly leads to pishing when searching for this, I will remove the link till you confirm.

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Well I was hoping for someone from the fairphone support to answer, but it has been silent here for some weeks. The file name provided by a user was useful, but then the answer to use the reinstall file was not so useful. The link is the one from the official support article, but with the file name provided by a user here. It should have been on the support article including all previous versions, but only one is given.

Fairphone service is far below my expectations

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The forum is no official support channel.

You’ll find this on every page you open in this forum…:


Look Yvonne, I get it, you are a Fairphone Angel and you love Fairphone. I also like the concept and obviously I have also supported the company by buying a new FP3+.

However, saying something like “maybe not for you”, when FAIRPHONE has removed the file to update from 23 to 25 from EXACTLY the article that you just linked, just shows that you really have no idea of what we are talking about here at all. The file I used (and still have saved) is no longer available to download, and here comes my “maybe”: maybe because it DID NOT work? What is available now (and what you linked) is an update from 25 to 26 which is USELESS for people stuck on 23. We cannot just magically jump to Version 25 and then use the currently provided file without wiping all of our data.

And just to point out another thing which should be obvious: I followed that guide to the letter and I am not new to flashing android devices. The process with Fairphone is actually very straightforward compared to other devices and the guides provided are clear and simple. The issue is not somehow “me”, but that the file from Fairphone (which they have now removed themselves, I can’t stress this enough) was simply rejected by Fairphones own verification process on the Phone. You can see photos of this in my original post on this matter:

So to clear up your obvious confusion: OP is asking where the file is that he NEEDS to be able to do an OTA-sideload update as described in the guide. The guide mysteriously no longer contains said file, probably because of an issue with the update. This issue was described by me in a previous post. The only option OP has without said file is to use the “flashing with fastboot” option and wipe all his data.


Well as you think, however please stay friendly and respect forum rules. And when you look at what I linked you see people did succesfully upgrade to 025.

And you might probably re-read what I wrote above

OK. So, here are the files:

These are the OTA files that can be manually sideloaded from recovery using adb.



Thanks. That is the same link I figured out after 3 weeks of puzzling it out with a silent forum, and then posted myself. That link was then removed by FP angel Yvonne and luckily now finally reported back by TeamB58.

I would like to see this linked (and earlier versions) in the official support article as well, for others may struggle with the same issues.

Can anyone confirm that when I use this sideload from 0023 to 0025 it will not actually brick my phone?