How to take a picture of a bloated battery?

I just realized that I was walking around with a bloated battery since weeks - I taped the back of my phone as it was falling of all the time. Now I realized that it’s the battery that is expanding and read that this is vary dangerous. I immediately removed the battery from my phone. Now I am too axious to put it back for photos. How can one take a photo and stay safe?
Once the battery is outside the phone is it still a danger? Can I just carry it to the recycling station?
In my case the bloating started after the phone had fallen down.

Thanks and best wishes, Juliane

It should be ok to carry it to the recycling point. Just don’t use any force (puncturing it for example).

Spin it and take a video of the battery spinning. If the battery spins, it’s bloated.

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I am not sure why you want to put back the battery. Did you mean to take a photo of the battery while the same battery was providing the energy for the camera in the phone? How would that work even with a battery that’s ok? :wink:

Anyway, the warranty for the battery is limited to 2 years and given that your phone fell to the ground, I am sure that the warranty is void now anyway.

I don’t think that the battery can bloat simply from falling down. It rather only got apparent by then.

@Stefan: yes maybe it was also age - I just thought that the back cover did not hold anymore because of the fell - that’s why I fixed it with tape until I read about bloated battery and realized I have one
@ Urs: of course I need to take another device to take a picture - but all the pictures I see from bloated batteries show the battery in the phone for illustration
Bloating is not so big that it is evident from just taking a picture of the battery.

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If you still want to try to get a warranty replacement, you certainly don’t need to photograph it inside the phone. See a really tough example in the link below :wink:


I would not use a bloated battery!!!
If you want to take a picture I would recommend to use a camera or an other smartphone (maybe a friend can take the pictures).

On a flat surface a bloated battery is easy to spin around (=“Spin test”). Check the manufacturer name on your battery. Some batteries from “Fenghua” tended to start bloating:

Here you will find some more info on that issue:

As far as I know bloated batteries from “Fenghua” are a warrenty issue and are replaced for free. You should contact the Fairphone support team. You have to send them the serialnumber of your bloated battery that they can check if it is a warranty case.

The batteries are on stock, so you should get a new battery soon:

Thank you all this was all very useful! Somehow I wanted to get rid of the battery very fast - so I just brought it to a disposal and ordered a new one. I did not check the manufacturer on time - but it’s not so bad - the new battery is not too expensive that I desperately needed the warranty. Fast was more important here.

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