How to fix Fairphone that's slightly bent so that battery and back cover are loose? (bloated battery)


my Fairphone seems to have somehow bent slightly. The battery is now a bit loose and the back cover doesn’t click shut anymore. I have temporarily fixed this by just fixing the cover with duct tape, and I’ve ordered a case for the phone hoping that this brings the pieces together again. But I’m not sure that’s a permanent solution.

I wonder if there’s a part I can replace that aligns the whole structure again? Does anyone have made experiences with that?

Cheers, Boris.

Which bit of the phone is actually bent? Is it the black section or both the black and white sections of the phone (the black bit is the “midframe” and is under €12, but the white section is part of the “Display Assembly” and is more expensive to replace).

You may find that the case fixes the issue, so I wouldn’t suggest trying much else until you’ve give that a go.

You can check out the Fairphone Spares shop if you wanted to try and replace yourself - otherwise I’d suggest you get in contact with Fairphone support directly to get it fixed.


Hi Chris, it’s not easy to say from the outside which part exactly is bent. I’ll try to disassamble and see if I can tell that way. Meanwhile, the case at least covers all the gaps… Chrs Boris

:warning: Are you sure, the phone is bent and it is really not the battery being bloated? :warning:


Ha! That’s it, actually! The battery is indeed bloated and has all the other symptoms described in that discussion! Thanks for pointing out; I contacted customer support.

Glad you figured out which bit was causing the problem. Support should replace your battery and hopefully all will be good again :smile:

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Hi all,
very soon after getting my FP, the metal back cover started coming lose. The four small metal things at the cover’s right and left sides didn’t seem to hold it in place very well. After a time, the coming loose happened so frequently, I had to bend those a little bit, carefully, to hold cover in place. but now they won’t hold the cover at all! feels like the places in the FP’s side (plastic) are worn out, or the metal cover itself is worn out, but anyway: I now have a phone without back cover, which will become an issue because of dust and dirt getting inside, eventually.
Is this a warranty issue? Or can somebody help?

:warning: That could mean that your battery is bloating!
First take out the battery and make a spin test and if it’s positive (battery spins) contact support to get a new battery.
Don’t use a bloated battery as it could explode.

If that’s not the issue here post back and maybe include a picture?

Thanks Paul, I already thought about battery bloating, but it’s not doing that. I’ll include picture tomorrow.

I moved your posts here. Hopefully you will find a solution in the posts above (maybe in this post?)

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