FP1(U) Metal back cover bent

Hi everyone,

I use a FP second batch and the back metal cover has been bent for while, so that it does not hold anymore.

To be sure that the issue is really the back cover, I followed the spin test described here:

The battery does not turn so I guess it is not this issue.

Then i tried putting the cover without the battery in, and it does not hold either. I also tried bending the cover manually but it does not help.

I dropped the fairephone a couple of times, so I suspect the cover just got bent. However I’m not too techie with these things, so I am a bit scared I could miss a different issue.

How can i be sure I “only” need to replace the cover?

Good that you already performed a spin test, with negative results.
Do you observe any other strange behaviour of the battery (battery level drops 50->15%, battery holds only some hours charge…etc)?
If not, it is probaly only the cover.

The cover is from metal. I don’t know how bent it is, but did you think about just to bend it back very carefully? Maybe also the small “pins” are bend.
Maybe you can make some pics of the cover and the pins, than we can compare with ours?

Cheers, Robert

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Thanks for the fast reply, Robert!
Nope, no obvious malfunctioning whatsoever, all good.
Most probably it got bent when i dropped it once, but somehow i wasn’t sure since it does not even have scratches.
i tried to do some pics, it’s quite challenging to take useful ones

I tried to bend the right pin but the cover always gets out on the other side. Probably I just don’t dare using more strength…

Thanks a lot! Aurelie

Hey Aurelie,
my opinion is:
1.) Check, if the cover in pic 3 lies really flat at the surface.
Only if you press at the upper and lower part (at your pic), where the cover is rounded the cover should wobble…at the rest of the area my cover is really flat.
If you see here somethin strange a counter-bending should not that dangerous, I guess.

2.) If it is not better then: I would try to gently bend the 2 small pins down.
Especially the right pin at your first pic seems a little bit to upright. So try step by step to bend it a little bit down again and check how the the cover fits then.

In worst cace you can order a new one for 7,50 EUR in the shop.

Other reasons I would not see, if your battery really is not swollen!

Cheers, Robert

Hi Robert,

Thanks a lot for the hints! I will try this and see if i get more lucky. Otherwise i will buy the cover; just wanted to ensure i cover all options before I go this way.

Cheers, aurelie

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At a first glance at the list of topics I thought you were looking for musicians for a Black Metal cover band. Well, this isn’t uninteresting either… :wink:


I don’t think you need to replace anything. I also thought I had bend my back cover, but what has helped me and is still helping me to hold the back cover in place* is bending the little metal things** marked with red slightly inwards.

*but also has damaged the plastic midframe a bit -> unfortunately a predetermined breaking point… (the plastic inlets, where the metal things grab, broke)
**I don’t know how to call them else, not even in my mother tongue… :blush:

I think of them as tiny “latches” :smile:

And I think a combined approach (Stefan and rob) is the best. First check that whole cover is “flat” if you place it on a flat surface (the side with the black fairphone print up), bend it a bit if needed (so the little latches can reach their old places). Afterwards correct the position of the little thingies :smile: While doing that, check the “noses” in the black midframe Stefan mentioned. If one broke or is loose … super glue would be your friend in this case. I don’t think the two metal pins on top are that important, the sides do the “holding” part, as Stefan pointed out already.

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Hey Throb
I’ve teh same problem one oft the two hooks at the uper end of my cover is broken and lost. So I’d like to buy a new one - but the link you gave is dead. Do you know, where and how to buy?

Just in case you haven’t found it yourself by now, here’s a direct link to the cover in the spare parts shop.

Double-sided removable tape (removable adhesive on both sides) might also work if your use it on the upper (black plastic) area. Test it on your own risk, make sure you use the removable type. The other one is pretty strong these days.