How to debug a non-working Fairphone 2?

Hi all,

Someone gave me an old, non-working Fairphone 2 today and I’m trying to get it running. It doesn’t even turn on at the moment. I plugged it in originally, and am sure I saw the red charge light come on, but don’t see it now. The battery charges OK if I put it in my main Fairphone 2, and the broken phone doesn’t work if I try it with my usual, charged battery.

I’ve had a look inside, there was some blue residue in there, and some red substance on the metal plate above the battery - could this be a sign that something has popped inside?

Feels a shame to give up on it, but not sure where to go next. Any suggestions very welcome! :slight_smile:

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Well that’s a nice little challenge for you :wink:

There are many topics in the Forum on phones that won’t start, but don’t search for “debug” as yours is a hardware problem I think, not software. Search for corrosion, water damage, …

I’d begin by completely dismantling the phone and cleaning everything reachable (especially all contacts of course) with isopropyl alcohol. Use cotton buds to apply and rub, clean ones to dry. You’re in no hurry so take your time and leave plenty of time to dry before re-assembling the phone.

If in the end you’re unsuccessful you might consider handing it on to a Fairphone Angel.

Good luck! :toolbox:

This will be useful:


@OldRoutard Thanks for that - sounds like fun anyway :slight_smile: I’ll have a look into a proper teardown and see what I can find. Cheers!

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