How to buy from Denmark?

Where can we buy a NEW FP2 (Non-simlocked and without telephone company subscription) which is able to ship to Denmark?
Does anyone have an idea?
We have tried several webshops, but none of them were able to ship to Denmark.
Thanks :wink:
Best regards Birte&Hans

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You would be lucky to even find really new Fairphone 2s at this point, I guess …

Fairphone themselves ship to Denmark and currently still sell some refurbished ones at a reduced price (with full warranty) …

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Hi! - and thanks for your reply!
I´m fully aware, that the factory sell the refurbished units, which is great, - but this is just an attempt to hear if anybody had experiences of buying new units from the European resellers WITHOUT the telephone company subscription (or bundle)

We have a list of known resellers here: ✏ List of Fairphone 2 Resellers + prices

As the FP2 is sold out in general I guess you don’t have that many options. I bought mine at Vireo for example but they are already out of stock, too. As were a couple of others I checked (German resellers).

Maybe go through the full list and see which reseller has one available at all and then check if they ship to Denmark?

If I get it right, Fairphone links to resellers that still offer new FP2.
And the only one they link to is the british “The Phone Coop”. And they do sell it with a operators contract only.

Therefore no new ones out there unless you live in the UK and are willing to change your operator to “The Phone Coop”.
I have the feeling, that @Birte_Hans already tried the resellers.

Thank you very much Ingo!
We will give your list a try! (already have tried several of them)

Best regards Birte&Hans

Thanks Bert!
Yes, we have already tried several resellers!

If I would want/need to buy a Fairphone 2 now, I really would go for a refurbished one (even if new ones were available).
As good as a new one, as everything is checked and replaced by the factory if necessary; and much cheaper.
And I would not be surprised, if a new smartphone, that does not pass the final test in the factory will be “refurbished” as well and sold as new (what it is).
So buying a refurbished one saves money without sacrificing quality. In my opinion it’s rather a feeling to get something less valuable or durable, that is not based in reality. Just my guess (hope) of course. :wink:


Just saying … the refurbished ones are listed as “Limited stock available”.
So, being realistic … if you wanted to have a Fairphone 2 now, there’s your chance to still get a new-ish one.
Else you would be in second-hand #market territory.

The primary problem here isn’t the shipping to Denmark, the primary problem is that new Fairphone 2s really seem sold out by now also with the resellers, and the refurbished ones will not be around forever, too.

Your preferred country seems to be set to UK. If I switch to Germany I see 3 and for Denmark there is Vireo as reseller. But they are sold out, too, i.e. the Fairphone shop isn’t fully up-to-date.

We get your point, - thanks!

Yep, - we´ve tried several resellers with same result, thanks!

@Ingo was right of course.
I had the language setting on ENG. Stupid me.

I just found this one:
The german reseller memolife still seems to have the Fairphone 2 with the indigo cover at 399 Euro. Shipping to Denmark is 15.90 Euro

If you want to buy a new one, that seems to be the way to go. All other colours are no longer available. But you could get yourself a spare case of course.


I bought my FP2 on memo a few years ago (shipping to Italy). I had a positive experience buying on their website (beside the German only interface :slight_smile: ) and they do Europe-wide shipping.


Thank you BertG for digging into this, - we will certainly try memolife!

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Thank you morgenstern!

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