How do I replace a module/the screen?

So until you get an replacement, you can use this workaround: Just before the call starts, push the power button to switch the screen off and just after the call, push it again to switch the screen on.

I confirm that. I tried 4-5 times on different days. Now I had success. Thanks a lot for this hint.

After 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 days my FP2 gave in and I could open it.

I pushed the bottom half against a marble windowsill, and the upper half I pushed forward. It opened that way with steady, but non violent, pressure.

Hi, I had the Fairphone 2 in January, and as a software I had no problem, the phone has always worked well. After viewing several videos on how to disassemble and reassemble the phone I have tried in the operation to disassemble and to my amazement I could not, and I tried, you have to believe to disconnect the touch screen from the motherboard. it is as if it were nailed. I ask if someone else had the same problem and solved it if you like. Thanks for the attention.
sorry for my little english

I moved your post to this topic. I hope you will find a solution here.

solved. Wearing rubber gloves, disposable, with hands clasped as if praying them, moving up and down along the tracks, several times in the end I succeeded.
Thank you

I recently got some sand inside my phone and me speaker sounds creaky. I want to disassemble the phone to blow the sand out, but I can’t even remove the screen. I’ve moved the two blue clips to unlock, and when I try to slide the screen off it only moves only about half a mm. I’ve already pushed quite hard and I’m afraid applying more force will damage the screen.
Any suggestions?

Hi Jonatan,

removing the screen can be a little hard at the first time, because fits really tight. I had this problem myself, but I’ve researched a bit and read that if it’s really tough, you should try to “rub” the screen module up and down, try to move it back and forth until it finally loosens.

If you are afraid you could break something when using force, keep the fingers of the hand, which is on the back of the phone (“back hand”), over its top, reaching over the screen’s edge. (I hope that made sense.) That way, you can use some force with your other hand to push the screen upwards while holding it back with the fingers from the “back hand”.

Combine these two techniques and be patient. It may take a few seconds, but you should be able to loosen the screen that way (meaning, I did it that way :grin:)

Hope that helps,

PS: Welcome to the Fairphone Community! :tada:

Thank you for the welcome and the tips. I’m sad to say that it didn’t help. I’ve already tried several different methods, including the ways you’ve mentioned, for more than 20 minutes, but without success.
I’ve got the feeling something inside is blocking the sliding (a wire or such) but as I haven’t seen the inside yet I can’t imagine what or where.

Just to make sure: Did you remove the battery before attempting to remove the screen?

Some phones come harder to take apart from the factory than others.
It took me hours to take off my screen, but once done it will be easy the next times.
Don’t give up!

Did you try this trick?

Yes, I did and it worked :wink:

Eventually I managed to get it off. This is what I did:

  • place a plastic card (discount card, credit card, etc) on a table, against the wall
  • place your phone, screen down, on the table so that the edge of the screen rests against the card
  • while applying pressure on the phone and the card, push the phone towards the card and wall

Created an account just to quote and upvote this. I watched countless videos on Youtube and almost got angry (why does it look so easy??). I’ve read this thread and tried every advice; the knife idea (I don’t have a plectrum) made some cracking noise and did not help at all, so that didn’t work. Also didn’t have latex/rubber gloves, and I couldn’t move it back and forth as nothing was moving at all. After probably half an hour I was close to giving up and really worried I’d just break it. Reading that got me worried (what if it slips and the credit card cracks the screen?), but what the heck, let’s try this…

I didn’t even have to apply that much pressure, it just snapped open. Finally! Thanks so much for this brilliant idea!


anyone else had an issue opening their FP2. I’m on my second FP2 (a replacement as the first one wouldn’t open and had a faulty camera). I’ve watched all the videos on how to open it and this one also seems to be faulty. Looks like I’m going to need a 3rd phone in 3 months which kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone you can recycle - disappointed.

I’ve moved your post here, as there’s a number of different suggestions on how to open the phone throughout the topic.

Wow, thanks - just used your technique and it worked. Been struggling for hours!

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Came here with the same problem; screen seemed glued to back side. The guitar pick trick worked, but I just used my nails; gently use them to spread the front from the back, starting at the blue clips and going upwards. On my phone, it was the left side that seemed most stuck, but after doing this it easily slid open.