How do I replace a module/the screen?

I’ve moved you post here as there are some useful tips and links in this topic - hopefully they’ll get you on track!

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I cannot edit my original post any more so I’m going to put this down here. The videos I mentioned in the beginning are now available here:

How to replace the screen
How to replace a module

Of course, there’s always:


That’s really strange. Did you get an error message?
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Same problem,

I have tried countless times and am giving up. I am seriously afraid of breaking it!

[quote=“tphysm, post:43, topic:11487”]
I pushed and pulled, massaged and tried to loosen, but nothing got me any further. I then pushed a guitar pick (got the idea from here and here and to me it seemed more gentle than a knife) into the crack you mentioned and “rolled” it (worked better than sliding) along the sides of the phone (by rotating it parallel to the phone’s screen, i.e. in the plane of the phone) from top left to bottom left and from top right to bottom right edge. Needed a bit pressure and slow rotation to avoid the pick jumping out (several attempts).[/quote]

The trick with the plectrum did it for me also.

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Hello everyone! I just recieved my fairphone but I have some issues with the Camera.
At the support they told me to try to take off the display and put it back.
However, I can’t take it off!! I tried as strong as I could, but it doesn’t moove at all, not even a millimitre.

Can someone give me some support? maybe you had the same problem and you menaged to open it some how?

Hi @demetrio,
I’ve moved your post to this topic, as there’s some discussion on various tricks to make things easier here. There’s also a link to a video, but that gives a rather smooth picture (which suggests the screen has been replaced a couple of times). Using a guitar pick seems quite popular. Hopefully the tips above will help to get you on track!

yeah, that realy work after a while and it doesn’t feel like beeing to violent. thank you!saved my day.

I am frustrated. I wasn’t counting on having to open the device that soon so that I wouldn’t get the black screen both while on the telephone and listening to whatsapp recordings.
I tried opening ie sliding the screen and the knife techinque described above with no success. How deep in should the knife slide in between glass and white carcass?
Using fairphone 2 first 17k.

please show me a video how you managed it

have you managed it?

Yes I managed to do it with the guitar pick. As they said it takes a bit of trying, and it’s also scaring because seems you are breaking everything, but if you do it with calm, will work.
Take the guitar pick (because is safer than the knife and it has also the right thickness) and from the top left roll it or slide it (find your way) till the bottom left. Do the same for the right side. One you have done it once, the screen will come out as showed in the Fairphone video, sliding to the bottom.
Try as I said, if you still have problem can do a video. Let us know

A video would be greate. I’m afraid to damage it.

I dissambled my display yesterday the first time, and the tip with the massage was it. Another thing that could be helpful are disposable latex gloves. You get a very high friction without pressing the display to strong against the chassis, which can help to protect your phone against damages of the contact pins and other parts.

I have tried follow the video instruction, but I can not make the screen slide off. -any ticks?

Please read the rest of the thread too

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Unfortunately i have seen all tutorials, but it seems that the Screen keeps sticking to the backbone. Mmmmh. What to do? Cannot get it of, I have used a lot of force already.

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This one helped me the first time:

Take the phone between your hands and try to rub your hands, as if they were cold.

Takes a little- well, not quite brute- force, but works :wink:

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Hey, that worked. Thanks. Even after cleaning it still does not work. There are non readings from sensor either. Hardware problem, or could this be fixed via a software update?

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Have you already tested if your proximity sensor works at all? You can do that with an app like Sensor Readout. If it’s defective, you should contact support.

Hey Irene, i have tried that and there was no input from the sensor. I have asked for a repair, and waiting for a reply from FP…

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