Higher battery consumption since recent update?

I have had a Fairphone for about half a year now and I only had to charge it every two days. For a few weeks now, this is not sufficient anymore and I suspect, that one of the recent firmware updates might be responsible for this. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?

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I have that problem since about a week. I am on iode and there was no update when it began. I updated from 3.1 to 3.2 this week but that did not help.

Disabling the SIM improved battery consumption again. Of course, this is no solution to the problem.

How old is the SIM card? Maybe its just faulty and should be replaced?

I cannot imagine, that it’s due to a faulty SIM card. Mobile reception works perfectly, and the there’s no indication, that this causes a higher battery consumption, if I look at the statistics. It’s more like the overall consumption has risen recently.

You can try to run some time in safe mode. If it improves its an app you installed, if not its the system #dic:safemode

Also, at the end it doesnt harm to test without SIM just to be sure…

It’s about 5 years old. I don’t notice any problem with it. But in my battery overview in the Android settings mobile radio has the largest share.
Is there any way to test the SIM card?

I’m not aware of any tests. 5years is quite old and probably its not even technically vice up to date, so I would call the provider, maybe they send you a replacement for free.

Thank you for your hint with the SIM. I cleaned it with a dry tissue. It was not dirty but a little more shiny afterwards.
The result turns out to be a huge decrease in energy consumption by mobile network in the overview. In my feeling general drain is still more than before. Anyway, cleaning had definitely an effect.

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Same, since that update battery consumption is ~20% higher than what it used to be. Nothing shows up in the battery log in particular, either.

Maybe check out these steps to find the cause?

If you can’t find it, then it’s best to #contactsupport

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I have absolutely the same problem and I don’t know how to solve it. Apart from safe mode which I haven’t tried yet, I’ve tried changing the battery with a new one, checking my apps, etc. But since the update, my battery is always draining very fast. Do you have any other solutions to suggest?

Check my previous comment :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum by the way.


Thank you for your post. I will try it today.