Help with FP's web store please

I’m trying to buy me a second USB → Jack adapter, for it’s more convenient to put one on each cable I would use with my FP4.

Now, as long as I’m not logged in, the webstore tells me that shipping to France is free, but as soon as I log in, they insist on shipping with crappy UPS (which is utterly slow, totally unreliable – but very expensive…).

For the record, the adapter is €9.95, yet UPS shipping is €10.95!
I don’t ask for free shipping (although their website seem to promise that initially), but it’s a €10, 4 g piece of wire, can’t they just put it in a padded envelope and send it by regular post for crying out loud, so I’ll get it in a week instead of a month, and for half the cost, and without having to search the bushes to find where the UPS delivery goon threw my packet? :frowning_face:

I didn’t find any way to change shipping method, did I miss something or am I stuck with slow, expensive, unreliable UPS?

I do like the FP adapter, I do want to give them money, but I definitely won’t buy an item where shipping is more expensive than the item itself. :angry:

(Sorry for the rant…)

Is France your required destination, or is it shown to you just accidentally?

Asking because within Germany, you could get it shipped through DHL from Vireo for 9.90 + 4.90 (I guess you want home delivery, not pickup station)

EDIT: DHL not mentioned at Vireo, but when I ordered from Vireo in 2019 and 2021, it was DHL.

France is where I currently live (Yeah, German, living in France :grin:).
Anyway, when I come to the webstore (not logged in), the default shipping destination is “Netherlands”, and the indicated shipping cost is €0. At that point changing the destination to “France” still shows €0.

Now when I log in, shipping cost changes immediately to €10.95 (with the slew of delivery or pickup options UPS offers, but which amount to nothing since most UPS pickup stations around here (Paris region) are derelict, and the cost difference is marginal anyway).

While I can understand shipping the phones themselves with UPS, because of the insurance and all (although they left mine on the garden fence…), but for small cheap items it doesn’t make any sense. I definitely won’t give UPS an additional €11 for a tiny teeny €10 piece of wire!..

Unfortunately they also use some kind of expensive courier: “Wir berechnen die Versandkosten ins Ausland pauschal wie folgt: EU: 14,90€” Yikes, that’s even more expensive than Fairphone!

Perhaps you can find an other shop here: List of Fairphone 4 Resellers

That’s what I’m currently doing, but while it’s quite easy to buy the phone itself, and even some FP spare parts, the Fairphone USB-Jack adapter is too generic to be found… At least I didn’t spot it yet in France.
I do find offers for other USB to Jack adapters, but as far as I have understood they don’t all work with the FP4, and I don’t have the time (or patience…) for trial & error sessions. :slightly_frowning_face:

Other people have tried already → List of adapters

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Yes, that was what I was referring to. Unfortunately that list is too small and too Germany-centric to be of any use to me in France. For instance, all the “hama” items you find everywhere in Germany don’t exist around here, and there are also some UFOs in the list (like the Bluetooth Amp BTR3K for instance - definitely not something to carry around in your pocket to have some music in the “Metro”!..).
The only real use of that list was to dissuade me from buying the (easily found) Apple USB-C - Jack adapter. All right, that’s something, as I would had expected Apple gear to be solid.

Yes, you can buy hama in France. I have this adapter. Works with FP4.


Yay! Thanks a lot! :star_struck:

Just a follow-up: www.stock-bureau[.]fr seems to be dead. :frowning_face:
They never sent any confirmation email when I ordered, didn’t answer my requests, and despite taking the money, the order is for 10 days now “in preparation”…
To be avoided.

Fortunately I had only bought one, to test, and not all the 4 I wanted.

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