Help with apps and storage


currentlly own a 3+

few minor problems

full facebook app wont open
full messenger app wont open

when i connect to pc or laptop i can only see Sd card, and keeps flagging up not enough storage on phone memory… im assuming its an error or maybe software so its saving everything to sd card not phone memory

any fixes


Hi @mini1.3 Welcome to the forum

There are a few things to check
a) do you have an SD card inserted and is it formatted as Internal or External

b) If you don’t have one check the amount of memory left if you only have about 10% or worse 4GB o 5GB then you will find problems as the OS requires some 4/5 for a swap.


was a brand new sd card formatted, its 128gb and not used more than 2gb yet

how do i check if its internal or external ??

Go to Settings > Storage

If it’s external you will see an eject symbol to the right of the SD card

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in storage setting it is not showing an eject button next to the memory card

is it worth formatting the card again and choosing external then ?? as the messenger lite and facebook lite apps are usless


Yes reformat as portable but move whatever media you can to a safe place.

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Here’s a post about my latest playing with formatting. I was just interested as I always use Portable as a) it is not encrypted and can be used outside the phone b) if the phone dies I still have my media and personal data in tact.

just formatted it,

now asking if i want to use it is as

extra storage for phone or portable storage assuming portable storage

just throwing up errors as not enough memory to install ebay… even though only used 25% internal storage

Did you ensure the phone was working before you tried reformatting?

Disable apps that use memory, you can start the phone in safe mode which disables all apps.

Go to each app via App and Notification > See ALL # APPs and delete the cache for as many as you can be bothered to free memory.

Once you are up and running ensure the camera app uses portable storage etc.
Move images etc from and WhatsApp download etc to the SD card to keep the main memory free.

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device was working fine all apps worked, tried resseting it twice now and still wont let me install anything as not enough storage,

think ill factory reset it and start again

i have over 20gb free on the phone and empty memory card but will not allow me to install any apps now as saying not enough memory

camera set to sd card

Google have stopped Android 10 from installing apps on the SD card so you can only have personal data and some related to the apps on the main memory.

When you say resetting, what did you do?

By the way ~ have you updated to 0129 yet?

it did an update a few days ago

it wont let me install to the phone keeps saying clear storage…

build number


cant even screenshot as not enough memory apprently

So is the phone working apart from trying to install a new app?

Installing an SD card as internal is known to precipitate many such problems, you may have to do a factory reset as you said.

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Factory reset
Reinstall formatted card
Setup as external storage

Working better than ever



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