Help! Fairphone does not start any more

Hi there

I hope you can help me.
Upon pressing the power button the screen of my fairphone is shorly flashing (fraction of a second) and then goes back to black. I cannot start my fairphone any more.
What I did before the problem appeared: pressing the update button which has been in my message bar at the upper rim of my screen since july, give superuser rights just once to do the update and press newstart. But after shutting down automatically the fairphone never came back to live again.
What should I do now? Is there a kind of “recovery mode” I could access by pressing a secret combination of power and volume buttons?
And if yes, what then?

I really hope somebody can help


Yes there is a Recovery Mode. You need to press volume up and power at the same time.
Post back if you can get there.

No I cannot get there:
I can see the screen to select recovery, fastboot or normal but I tried all three and all of them result in a black screen.

Thanks for your reply.

Ok that’s bad. Not being able to get to Recovery Mode means your phone is hard bricked.
There is an XDA Guide for such situations if you think you can follow that. Otherwize I’d suggest to contact Support.

oh no, did this happen because I waited to long to start the update?
of course, I have no backup whatsoever…

And this guide is only for Windows computer, but I only have linux mint one… So I guess I have to go for support…

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No, hesitating to update shouldn’t affect the update and actually there was a new update released two days ago, which probably was the one you were trying to update to (if you didn’t enter advanced mode in the updater app).
I have no idea what caused this.

Yeah I believe there is no guide for other operating systems unfortunately.

Just a stupid idea…your phone’s battery is not empty, isn’t it? Just to double check: plug-in your charger, wait some time (10min) and try again to start the phone… (with and without charger pluged-in).
Any change? if not - it was a stupid idea, sorry…


I think this might have caused you problem. Not giving the superuser rights permanently.

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No, Recovery mode should not be affected by granting superuser rights to an app (in this case the Fairphone Updater). There must be something else wrong.

@JuKo Indeed it could be the energy supply, as @therob suggested. Take the battery out, plug in your device and then put the battery back in and charge your device until the green light appears.

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It could be wise to do the spintest, to check if you’re battery is bloated
When my battery was bloated, it also had problems with starting.