Fair phone does not charge. Totally dead

Today my battery was empty. When i came home and put the phone on the charger it didn’t charge.

I tried a other cable, other adaptor, laptop etc. The red light don’t appeared when i tried to charge te phone. He didn’t start up and the phone don’t warm up a little (like normal happend while charging.)

It’s seem to me the phone is dead. :’(

Any help? What now?



Do you know someone else with a Fairphone? You could try putting in his battery.
Also check if your battery is bloated by doing the spin test. (Take out the battery and see if you can spin it on a smooth surface)

I don’t know anyone else with a fair phone. I can spin the battery on a smooth surface

Ok that means the battery started to bloat. Make a video of it and send it to support. You’ll get a new battery.

:warning: And dispose of the old battery carefully as it might explode when handled without care.

And is there a mail address where i can send the video to? Can’t find it on the website…

Here is a link with a form for support requests:

You can also add an attachment (the video) there.

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Hi, my dad checkt the battery with a tester. According to him the battery is fine. So if this is true, the problem will be on the motherboard. Is there a way to send the phone to a repair department of fairphone? Are there any kost?

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If the damage is a warranty case, then you don’t have any costs. However if it doesn’t fall under warranty, then you have to cover shipping and repair costs.

This is what happens:

  1. You contact Fairphone with a support request
  2. They give you a form and an address to send your phone to
  3. You pay for shipping
  4. Fairphone looks at the phone and decides whether they think it is a warranty case.
  5. If it is a warranty case, they pay up to 20 Euros of shipping and repair the phone for free. If not, they won’t pay you the shipping costs and tell you how much you have to pay to have them repair the phone.
  6. Fairphone sends the phone back

Edit: I’m not sure about the 20 Euro shipping cost thing anymore. Can anyone clarify?

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Some more information:

Tank you very much!!

I just had my 1.5 year old battery replaced under warranty due to ‘bloating’.
Make sure not to use the battery any more: it may explode!