Hello, Fairphone owners in Norway! How are your headphones working?

I’m considering buying a Fairphone 2. But before I do that, I really want to check if my headphones fits. Maybe a meeting can be arranged :slight_smile: ? I’ve read that some people have had problems with headphone use. I’m using a pair of Sony MDR-ZX600. I’ve checked this list for compatibility, but they’re not listed: ✏ List of compatible Headphones and Headsets for FP2

I live in Levanger.

My headphones.

My headphone plug.

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Headphones with a 3.5mm-jack (with 3 contacts) are almost always compatible with the FP2. Just plug them in.

If it works with another android phone, it could work. If it works fine with iOS it probably won’t work.

As it - unfortunately - is not an actual headphone, I can’t just enter the next shop and test it; and I don’t happen to know someone with your headphones.
So, you have to hope to find some FP2 owner in your area or someone with a headphone like yours who owns a FP2.

I really would like to see some plugs, that tend to drop out of the socket, to see if there is a special difference in design.

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I own MDR-ZX660APG headphones and they work with my FP2.


Thanks for the replies!

I might try to PM one of the guys from Norway. I’ve noticed there’s not long until the official fairphone store starts selling phones again. Maybe I will have some more answers then.

Btw, here is a picture of my headphone plug.

Just a follow up to this thread.

Took a chance and bought the phone. Been using it for a month and a half now. No problems with the headphones. The plug fits firmly. Satisfied with this!

Added the headphones to the list over compatible ones, as well as the Sony MDR-ZX660AP.


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