Headphone Jack Removal - Lost Customer

I’m not going to answer to your troll messages. I was clearly not talking about the phone and your whatabout-arguments are completely counterproductive.

At least, the Fairphone earbuds consist of recycled materials, and that is a fair start. Maybe one day clocksmiths are specialized in replacing batteries of earbuds…

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Very rude behavior for a guy with an angel symbol in his avatar.

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That’s true. However if not the earbuds themselves, at least the case is easily big enough to engineer a battery compartment into it, like in cameras. Or this clicky mechanism they use for SD cards.

Yes it is a bit out of sorts. I had a moderator telling me I should not have suggested someone read their own promo :frowning:

So in that vein I looked at the video and the answer to your query is no on both accounts.

I imagine sometimes people are a bit overworked and maybe have lost a few feathers :slight_smile:

For views on loosing wings completely and much much more relevant towards attitude it would not go amiss to watch.


We can always open another topic on ‘angels’ :innocent:

The fact that both the jack and the earbuds are not repairable was the point I was trying to make. :wink: I even expect the buds to be harder to repair than a jack/port…

I might not get what you mean, by ‘proportion’.

You mentioned the non-repairability of the jack as being a problem. I only wondered how to solve this problem, when you replace it by something else you cannot repair.

I’ve never met a single one, have you? But I myself have some miles under the belt already, so to speak, and have used walkmans, discmans, mp3-players, etc etc and the current headphones are lasting at least 9 years. So for me and my surroundings broken jacks have never been a problem.

That’s very kind you, but I’m not here to collect points. :wink: Nor do I try to take points away from others. I like to ask questions out of curiosity, not to disagree with others but to have a dialogue without the need to be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

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This angel was put there by the forum as a ‘badge’, not by the user you’re currently trolling…

For more info:

A jack itself is difficult to repair, at least for the common user. Frequent use of jacks, regardless if audio or USB, may lead to damage. If the audio jack of a FP3(+) is damaged and you do not want to void the warranty, you would have to send the phone in. A worn-out USB jack can be exchanged easily, just obtain a new bottom module.

With the FP4 it is possible to just exchange the USB jack itself, and this is a game changer, considering that the USB interface is much more used than the audio one, e.g. for charging the battery. That is the right step towards sustainability.

I guess many people buy a new device because of a broken jack. Warranty of non-Fairphones is going to void when attempts by a repair cafe are done to repair the jack(s). And repairs done by the phone makers are so overpriced that sometimes it is more economic to buy a new phone, increasing sales numbers of new devices and the ecological footprint, because some people do not think about buying second-hand devices.

It is always easy to criticize and to point on someone/something, I do it myself sometimes in this forum, but I think that I am sharing my experience and understanding of technology, too, and bring in thoughts about possible approaches on how to solve issues by trying to see things with the eyes of a developer who is bound to the principles of technics, sales, and economy. It is the challenge to find the lowest common denominator in every department, and although there is enough room for improvement, I must admit that Fairphone are doing quite well, even in times like these… (The many software issues of the FP3+ are a different thing, of course.)

Now I’m lost, was there really any trolling, maybe I don’t get the meaning?

On the jack issue my experience is more like that of @mike33. I haven’t come across jacks and earphone as problems.

But notable is that if you can make a USB that is ‘waterproof’ and replaceable then the same can be done for a jack.

My experience, though not with USBC, is that the USBmicro was the weak point never a jack.

Luckily this FP4 iteration of USB is replaceable so that is a great relief. :cold_sweat:

And in which way can a user repair his/her 100 euro earbuds when ‘broken’, without risking a warranty void?

As I wrote before I do not criticize for the sake of it, I’m curious to understand the decisions made. (taking into account the whole ‘problem’ not only the parts that are convenient at that time)

For me personally that’s never been the case and to be honest I don’t care about warranty void when my device is broken, if it’s broken I will fix it, whether it’s a car, a bicycle or a phone. In the majority of cases the thing breaks after the warranty expired. :wink:

Which is noted and appreciated.

There’s more to say about “the economy” but I’ll omit it for now.

Then congratulations, my grandma could not do that…

I know what a Fairphone angel is, that was the reason, why I made my comment. And I‘m trying to have a respectful conversation, everyone should be able to express their arguments. I think, that’s just the opposite of trolling. So I don’t know, what you or Stanzi are talking about.


I don’t know what you’re suggesting… it is out in the open for everyone to read… maybe you have somewhat different opinions about ‘respectful’ and ‘very rude’ compared to majority of people I know. Peace.

@Incanus and @Stanzi are very well known fellows in this forum. I have no idea why @Stanzi reacted that “intensely”, I guess it must be something personal.

I would say let’s get over it and continue with the topic of that thread…


I do appreciate the more personal aspects of this topic but it is clearly off topic.

The issue is around how people are disappointed that Fairphone have dumped the Jack and in doing so promoted the King.

But clearly not being in the decision making process it seems a lot of people feel stuck between like a queen.

The outspoken attack by referring to someone as a troll seems to be playing with an unconventional deck. There is usually a joker but I’ve yet to find a troll in my deck.

There is a difference, the joker is usually more colourful and their criticism is meat to be obviously a joke.

So where’s the joke?

This is a support forum, questions will be asked of people’s behaviour, but even that can be taken lightly, but not dismissed. After all they are a player.

Could we avoid long essays about being off topic, please? You may want to write those in a dedicated thread…

A very thin smartphone of 5 mm which still has a headphone jack and has good IP rating (didn’t check) is impressive.

But you cannot compare such with a smartphone which is modular, repairable, easy to open, and has a user replaceable battery.

There is far more competition and market demand for the thin unrepairable smartphone as it seems.

We don’t know how/if Fairphone earbuds are easy to fix or replace battery. I am loooking forward to iFixit teardown.

Also looking forward to FP4 teardowns. Hope they address the 3.5 mm / IP rating argument.


It seems some people consider it OK to be rude but when questioned it becomes off-topic. My last 628 character query is labelled an essay, as a derogatory tool to stop discussion about people being personally rude.

I don’t really wonder why people find it so easy to make personal assaults on other’s integrity, but it happens. But I do like to question it as an opportunity to engage with another, but then there’s always the likely hood of being called a troll.

So off topic, is it?

The issue of disappointment is a real and valid issue for me, so I tend to respond and I don’t consider it off topic or rude or trolling to respond.

People are sensitive and that sensitivity is the human side, why would I want to ignore that?

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