Headphone Jack Removal - Lost Customer

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Earbuds/headphones with MMCX replaceable cables can have user replaceable ish parts given you can replace the cable and use ones with bluetooth. But you end up replacing the blutooth module and battery and cable and mic and controls etc. So not great.

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Not that any of this earthly Leela is great, but what’s so ‘not great’ about replacing parts??

Just that you can’t replace just the battery if that’s the only problem, it’s still clearly better than not being replaceable at all.

I wonder if it’s possible for fairphone, or a third party, to make a back panel that has a headphone jack as an accesory, or even a second usb-c port.

I think that with a little effort, although not user friendly, the battery can be replaced. Well there are stories and shows of others doing so, but as yet not to the Fairphone model. Will wait around and see what shows.

I would guess they didn’t, it seems strange that after building and hosting a community forum they wouldn’t make use of it as a part of their market research. Given that we’re not regularly getting posts about ingress damage I would think it’s a perceived problem.


There were more reports of water ingress that jack failures, but a jack can be water tight so they don’t pair up.

The USB-C port of the FP4 is a module that can be replaced by the user.

And there is this adapter, just one of many:

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Anecdotally, I’ve seen a few cases where mild water damage (rain, laying on a wet table) has completely bricked FP3s. A friend of mine just had to send in hers just because she had it out in the rain for a minute and it stopped working properly - I can’t possibly know how indicative this is of FP3s more broadly, but it may be something that FP have taken into account with the new design. Again, this is speculation because FP play it pretty close to the chest when it comes to damage and support statistics.

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If it is because of 3.5 mm jacket, then I would really like to know. Because you can use stopping plugs on stuff like USB, ethernet, HDMI, DP, etc I’d assume also on 3.5 mm.

It is possible to have the jack socket in a water proof sleeve. But for the IP54 rating the simpler the better and of course the target audience for new sales probably don’t want a jack socket.

Practice what you preach? Perhaps…

Of course it is possible to have it waterproofed with headphone jack.
What is not possible then is to up sell headphones that become e-waste in 2-5years, some cases even faster, as letting batteries just be not charged is well death of the batteries.
Nope nope nope. This is not environmentally friendly move. I dobout headphone batteries that are in a sleek design are removable and replaceable. Why i even have to replace batteries on a headset? This is dumb. I will keep my fp3+ that has funny microphone, but does have a headpohone jack, that can just be connetcted to my 3 year old headphones, and have no issue of working. Sorry FP This is not a good move at all.


I don’t know how often it was said in this discussion already, with a simple adapter you can still use any wired headphone you want, as long as you want, so what’s the deal?


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