Having the phone at the ear, screen switches between on and off

Hi everyone!
Happy owner of a FP4. But:
Taking or making a phonecall should turn off the screen while at the ear. In my case, the screen switches on and off, allowing all background apps like maps, mail, sms to activate functions by skin contact. It seems like the sensor is not responding, or is not sensitive enough.
Is there help to get, or is it just a FP4 bug i have to live with?
All the best

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You can check the basic functionality through the built-in hardware tests.
Dial * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # * in the telephone app to retrieve the tests and select “Proximity Sensor”.

The proximity sensor (whose task it is detect when you are holding the phone against your ear during a call) is a tad bit to the right of the notch at the top end of the lit display (seems like 5 to 15-20 mm to the right). You might also want to check if your head is near that area during your calls.

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The proximity sensor seems to be kind of wonky at the moment. Same issue:

Related issue:


Thanks - I’ll try the test. :+1:

Yes, it seems I’m not alone with this issue.
Thanks for replying

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I had this issue from start. But only after being angry enough to try to find out if more had this, what I think is a fundament flaw, I’m now a tad sad that I don’t seem to be alone. I’ll try the setting thing and see…

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Yeah this was only to check if it was working, and it was working. But the problem is still there and I’m quite furious about it. :angry:

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please make sure to #contactsupport. The more people report this, the more likely it is it will be quickly fixed.