Display on off while call, and bad understanding

Hey there,
Got a Problem with my FP4.

While calling, the person i speak with can hardly understand me.
There are lags and stuttering, while i can hear everthing fine.

Also the display starts turning on and off, thats very annoying.

When i force the display to shut down while calling someone, the person i call understands me even worse.

Im really stressed by this right now. It makes calling someone feel like i live in the 90s in a very very very small village with no Network at all.

Someone got the same Problem and/or a solution?


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Have a look here

Well, thanks for your replay. Poorly there isnt a solution in this Thread :confused:

Most likely because there is none we could give you…I myself have the sunlight issue, i.e its nearly impossible to listen to a WA message, however so far havent had issues during calls…will close here as I see your follow up in the other thread