Has anybody received the latest security update yet?

You can deactivate that app.


How can I do this?
The update is shown for me, but I can’t install it because of TWRP. But I could load it and try to grab the url.


Here is an how to :


I’m downloading it right now.

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Same here. This the the Search Engince Choice that Google agreed to as a concession to the EC. But something seems to have gone wrong here. I will open a ticket with the support.




Thank you, I was trying to find the url in the logcat file, but could not find it? Maybe because I didn’t start the logcat before the first time I tried to download the update.

Hey! I got the update with my Orange SIM as master SIM!
They must have corrected the issue…


I received the FP3 A.0110 upgrade. Very disappointing! It is time for an Android 10 upgrade!

Tried multiple times the past hours. Nothing.

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I still haven’t been able to update my phone to January patches, and I read a report from someone who couldn’t update anymore because they missed an incremental patch. So I’m worried. Also, I want the February patch ASAP. How can I figure out what is stopping the update? Where is the update server located? At this point, what is my best and easiest way to get my FP3 updated and working?

Are you unlocked?
Then you can install the current firmware using TWRP:


Nope, not unlocked. I guess what I can do is back up my data, unlock, flash TWRP, and then one of these zips?

No need to flash TWRP, “fastboot boot” would be enough.
Then just install the ZIP using TWRP, you’ll want to use the 110 one if you want the updated firmware.

Right, but by unlocking, I lose the ability to use Netflix and such right?

Also, I don’t see a boot option for fastboot in the man page.

My fastboot version:

fastboot version 1:8.1.0+r23-5
Installed as /usr/lib/android-sdk/platform-tools/fastboot

Silly how I got that installed on Ubuntu 19.10…

On macOS with Homebrew I got this one

fastboot version 29.0.5-5949299
Installed as /usr/local/bin/fastboot

Cheers. So an update, the download was slow for me (like 250 kB/sec) but eventually arrived. I’ve been able to update to Jan 2020 update, using USB-OTG I did not have to use a SD card.

I relocked my bootloader. Hopefully my device is still genuine.

Will I be able to update to Feb 2020 with the updater? I guess we can’t know, as the update to Jan 2020 never arrived.

Netflix will work fine, at least it does for me. If you decide to root: SafetyNet will also not be tripped so banking apps are no problem either.

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The normal Januar OTA update worked fine for me, would not worry about it.

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I should’ve tried the one before January, and then update to January (which did not work for me (anymore))

I relocked the bootloader again and everything (I’m surprised such is possible). Thus far, Netflix seems to still work (with "high quality; I suppose 1080p or something), as does HBO. Not checked Prime (nor Disney). Didn’t try with it all unlocked.

Hi all,

compared to December and January, Fairphone is slighty behind with rolling out its monthly update that contains the current Android Security Bulletin.

So I am just wondering: Has anybody received an OTA with a security update newer than January 5 2020 yet?

(No need to reply if you have not, obviously)