Has anybody received the latest security update yet?

I know - I have linked the official Fairphone statement on this further up this thread.

Another funny thing happened tomeyesterday : I restarted my FP3 after doing some stuff with the micro sd card and it automatically started to download all the Orange apps, which I of course immediately uninstalled.
It really does look like Orange’s servers are configured to consider all FP3s as purchased through them and to try to push all their bloatware on them. I never had that with my FP2, even though they also sold it on their online shop. Maybe because I had Lineage since the first port…
Makes me kind of impatient for a Lineage port on FP3. I hate it when third parties go nosing around in my stuff!


Even if you have an Orange SIM, there is no reason why an FP3 should contact Orange’s servers unless it has been preprogrammed to do so. The Google Play Store does not change if you change operators.

It’s not the Google Play Store that installs the Orange apps:

When an Orange France SIM card is inserted into the device, the App Center automatically installs for the main user*
App Center will install the ‘Orange et Moi’ app on the device automatically. This is a feature of the app itself and Fairphone is not responsible for the behavior and content of Orange applications.

Source (posted by @teezeh above)


So it means that it’s the same with all Orange plans and it’s not related to the update issue if I understand correctly.
I didn’t have that problem with my FP2, but again, I was running Lineage when I switched to that mobile operator which probably prevented Orange from pushing apps on my smartphone.

Got a reply from support saying they were glad I could update my phone after all and that they would forward the issue internally.
In my answer I did raise the fact that, as Orange has about 40% of the french mobile operating market, a very significant amount of the FP3s sold on their website to french customers were probably not updated…
And I wouldn’t count on the owners to feel concerned with the issue… When I talk to my colleagues/friends/family about security updates, Lineage, privacy…etc, most of look look at me as if I’m from another planet!



I have the same issue. I bought my FP3 from Sosh ( Orange).

I am pretty sure I updated my phone at least once. My Update is from the 5th of october.
Updating with no sim did not work. As I bought my from from an operator I is surely sim locked…

It is a shame…

Hope that your info to the support will bring some movement and solve this issue.

Updated my company phone (Samsung) with orange as operator, no problem to get the latest update ( Nov 2019)

Fairphones are not simlocked.


hiiiijiisdfszfzsfzsedf !!!
it works !!!

perfectly right !
i have double sim
data was on orange SIM
i switch data do free mobile
and here is the UPDATE !!!

shame on orange



The same for me. Inserted a sim card from Bouygues and the updating worked…

Hope orange will modify this. Might be a dreamer writing this…


I have just received the FP3 A.0110 update :slightly_smiling_face:




Same here, updating too!

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The update has appeared for me too :slight_smile:

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It looks like Fairphone fixed the audio issues in the Camera app in this update!! :clap::clap::clap:


Updating here, too. No staged rollout this time?


I received too. Looks like it works now with Sosh ( orange) also/again!

Oh, it is staged. Ain’t there for me yet.

Surprisingly, for me it worked on the second check for an update. :angel:

Anyone grabbed the URL for the OTA update?

Since the update I can shot down this notification. Have you the same problem ?