Handsfree and tones of add

Hi there!
Can anyone tell me how to you the handsfree on FP2 ? when I put my headphone no one can hear me!

and another thing, I have TONES of add that shows up on my phone each time I use it, after sending a sms or checking my emails for example once I am done, I have a google app that appears and I have to wait up to 3° s before closing it, super annoying !!! Would anyone know how I could stop this?

thank you very much

How about listening to music? Is all well then or only mono sound?
Try to gently keep some pressure on your headphone plug while trying music/handsfree? Does anything change?

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hi Patrick1, thank you for coming back to me so quickly, it works for music and youtube, yet I want to use it to receive and make calls is that possible?

Yes, generally it is possible. Some users though here in this forum have reported having troubles with pluggable headsets. If you have, maybe test another or remove the cover and test again. Only in very few cases the pin alignment does not match. Therefore adapters are available.

You may want to read more here, here and here.

I hope this can bring you on further.

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thank you will try all of these options

I assume you mean you have tons of ads.
That most likely means you have installed an App which perhaps you thought might be useful, but its main purpose is to deliver ad popups to you. It happens.
Solution: Find the App in question, uninstall it.

So … how to find the App …

First try: If an ad pops up, swipe down the notification area. The App in question might simply be listed there at that moment. Most Adware Apps hide their presence better though, I guess, so …

Second try: Go to Settings and search for “draw” … with this you should find a “Draw over other Apps” entry (this may differ in other languages, of course), where you can see a list of Apps having that permission … the culprit should be among them (at least this list should be shorter for a start than going through all Apps).

Third try: Go through all your Apps and uninstall everything you don’t really need, one by one, until the ads stop.


Well interpolated, I didn´t get it hence neglected it and concentrated on the matter I knew some about…:+1:

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