Greenify on FP2 LineageOS

As it seems Greenify can but not necessarily I kick-off this thread what shall us lead to an optimized Greenify configuration for the FP2.


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Wow, that is far, far longer than I have ! Could you post your greenify settings please ?

@cortomalese I reckon this question is adresses you.

Hello. I noticed now almost 24 hours of battery life, but I only charge it at 80%. It seems to me that it is related to the location where I am located, if I am on the go, the type and quality of connection available. But statistics show that the biggest consumption comes from display. I am also afraid that my battery is losing capacity.
My Greenify settings (active only):
mode root
Shallow hibernation active
Doze mode active. Doze on the go active
Automatic hibernation active
Greenify system apps active

All this is very complicated and time consuming :unamused:
Good luck

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Thank you @cortomalese !
I had almost the same settings.
I think the mobile cell quality has a really big influence… I have two sim cards and bad reception at work and at home, so probably a lot of extra power is used to boost the mobile signal reception.

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