Great latency at video-calls or calls over WiFi in FP5

Hi folks,
since a a few weeks I have my new Fairphone 5. But what I now have there is a very great latency while talking in calls (audio only) or video-calls via WiFi. But my WiFi connection can’t be the reason because while talking over my Laptop in video-calls or audio-only there’s no such a Problem…

Did you maybe have had also such a problem and does anybody know a solution?
Thank you very much in advance!
Greetings from Bavaria,

Hello and welcome.
It’s difficult for me to advice something as I have had no issues with using whatsapp or ms teams.

So the general troubleshooting comes to my mind.
What is the strentgh of the WIFI signal? Is it the same frequency both your laptop and phone are using? Are you using a bluetooth set or a speaker or a wired headset with a dongle? Is it the same set for the laptop and the phone?

So you see, just general brainstorming.

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Hello and thank you for your posting!
I am using a very basic setup: Just my Fairphone 5 with its build-in loudspeakers. As WiFi-frequency I think my laptop and my Fairphone are using the same – I send you also a Screenshot – maybe you can see there more than me. My Laptop is “Air von Florian”…
That’s why I am a bit clueless now…
But thank you very much for wanting me to brainstorm a bit for help – maybe so we are getting to know what I should do :blush:

Clueless here.
So more brainstorming? Could you check the speed of your WiFi on both your phone and laptop, especially upload?
And finally I am guessing you’re using some apps for video calling, could you check their data setting and battery optimization ?

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So it looks like the laptop and FP5 have the same link speed.

Are any of the devices using a VPN?

I interpret this as meaning that the problem is recent. Do you remember any event / change made to the FP5 before the latency problem began?

Could you check the speed of your WiFi on both your phone and laptop, especially upload?

Yes, I have done that. Well that are the results:

  • MacBook: Download = 44,75 Mbit/s, Upload = 20,53 Mbit/s
  • Fairphone: Download = 19,34 Mbit/s, Upload = 28,42 Mbit/s

So actually that could be a reason why that problem exists… The problem is, I already have prioritized my Fairphone at my router’s settings…

Are any of the devices using a VPN?

No, no device is using a VPN.

I interpret this as meaning that the problem is recent. Do you remember any event / change made to the FP5 before the latency problem began?

Yes, you’re right – the problem is recent, but unfortunately I have no changes made. I don’t know whether that problem is since I own my Fairpone, because I own it only since 2-3 weeks…

Hello, your speed results are not that impressive to be honest. On my home wifi, I have download 539,84 and upload 273,40 (Mb/s). Perhaps you could do the check at the stronger wifi?

There has been a thread on limiting the data transfer in the app, let me see if I can find it. Edit, here it is

Well for Germany I think that is not that bad, but you are right: That could be better according to my contract. So maybe I could have a look why that is so as a solution – you’re right. Thanks for that inspiration!
The thread you attached I will read and have a look, whether there is a solution for me :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

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While I agree with Meaghan that your Internet connection is not great, if you’re the only user it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as shown by the laptop’s performance. A video call shouldn’t need more than about 1 Mbps each way, I wouldn’t think, unless you’re doing something fancy.

Just to be sure, could you give us a minimum figure for what you consider to be “high latency”? >500ms? or >1000ms?

I’ve just run a quick-and-dirty test using a laptop + FP5 in a Zoom call. I would put the round-trip (from the mic of one device to the loud speaker of the other, via two-way Internet connexion to Zoom at about 300ms. And the latency is the same in both directions.

What software are you using for these calls? Whatsapp?


Ah ok, how did you do the quick-and-dirty test?

Well that’s a good idea – maybe I can activate some data-saver-mode until I have a better internet connection… I’ll see.

Well in that scenarios I’ve used Telegram and Google Meet. WhatsApp I’ve not tried yet.

Well I am going to try that idea with the data saver-option for now, maybe that works… Thx a lot for now! :slight_smile:

You may want to run these speed tests in both the laptop and the phone. Then you could report the results, not only the speed, but also the latency under load and overall score of quality:

This could be a case of bufferbloat, although it is rare that it only manifests on the phone. Giving priority to a device is not solving the issue of possible excess buffering in your home router.


I experience the same when using my FP5, especially compared to my laptop or to my work-iPhone. Simple phone calls, not even with camera on are stuttering. It’s like having a second of a break every 5 seconds or so. It’s completely impossible to understand something.
The same applies to video calls where the image just freezes every now and then for a second and continues again for a couple of seconds.

My work-iPhone 12 at the same location has no issues. My 7 year old Dell laptop has no issues and my girlfriends iPhone has no issues either. I’ve only experienced that with the FP5 so far.

The apps I tested so far:

  • Threema
  • Telegram
  • Signal

I have FTTH 1000/1000 with 2 Wifi6-APs. My FP5 bufferbloat results from one wall behind an AP (~4m) with waveform’s service are:

Unloaded: 19ms
Download Active: +20ms
Upload Active: +29ms

Download: 858 Mbps
Upload: 626 Mbps


I’m new to “bufferbloat-testing” but it came up around here in multiple threads. I just wonder, why is it working so well on other devices and not on the FP5? Here is a test with my laptop connected to a docking station with Ethernet:

I’ve even tried to use my docking station with the FP5 and it gets an Ethernet connection, but the call quality doesn’t improve. I’m close to giving up on my new FP5 because of that extremely limiting feature…

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I would recommend you to compare the phone with laptop when both are using Wi-Fi. There are serious bufferbloat issues with Wi-Fi compared to Ethernet.