Google auto fill not working after update to 3.A.0132.20211027


I did the most recent update yesterday (or the day before) for my FP3, but now Google auto fill isn’t working. The options appear, but I cannot choose any.

I’ve restarted, and cleared cache (always a pain) but to no avail.

Any help appreciated.



I am having the same problem and tried the same thing so following to see if anyone has found a fix?

Same problem here as well.

Hi Heather Welcome to the forum, not that I’m going to be of much use with this issue as I don’t use google…

Still I’m sure plenty of people do so hopefully someone with more understanding will chip in soon.

I’m having this problem too. It’s soooooo annoying. Hoping for a fix soon.

Hi Jessb52,

Was the update FF3 3A.0134? I only took the plunge and downgraded to Droid 10 from the far nicer (if less secure) 9 a few days ago and currently have v0132. Autofill plays up on that version too, but only where the log in wants your username on one page, then your password on the next page. Autofill option appears, but touching it does nowt.

Hi Jessb52, Heather_Taylor, Kaz_Sahota and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Firstly an important point for all of us: please always state clearly which version of Android you’re using. You can make sure of this by going to Settings > About phone > Build number. As I write, the latest release of FP Android is 8901 3.A.0134.20211116 that was announced on 27/11/2021

As I understand it, Jessb52 seems to be on 3.A.0132.20211027.

Make sure all apps are up-to-date, including Chrome of course.

I take it this problem is happening with all sites where you use autofill? If not, is there any notable difference between sites where it works and sites where it doesn’t? Have you noticed any other input / touchscreen problems or unexpected behaviour?

Thanks to TW8punk for pointing out a problem they noticed, with sites using the technique of input of ID (username / mail address …) on one page and the password on another page. I can imagine this could easily interfere with autofill.


Hi. I’m on this build: 8901 3.A.0134.20211116 Fairphone 3. I had this problem on previous update and this one as well. Suggestions can’t be clicked on any websites. Also credit card details can’t be clicked and entered. Thanks for any help that can be offered.

Which Browser are you all using? Did anyone test other Browser? As this is just a community forum, did you all #contactsupport ? As long as FP is not aware a fix will hardly come.

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Thanks all for the responses, glad I’m not the only one!

Sorry, I’m not the most tech savvy so I didn’t include build number but it is: 8901.3.A.0132.20211027.

The autofill doesn’t work for pretty much anything, including address or credit card details. The option appears, but then touching it doesn’t register.

I’ve tried different browsers, still the same.

I’ll report the issue directly to fairphone.

Thanks again!

Thanks for flagging this Jessb52 - I’ve been having the same issue, on build number 8901.3.A.0134.20211116. I’ve likewise reported the bug to fairphone.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for flagging! I’ve shared this internally and our team is looking into it. I’ll return here when I have any updates.


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Linking @toot information for FP4 in case might help for the FP3 as well

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I found that repeatedly tapping the suggestion text sometimes performs the autofill. It can be after 3 taps or after 30, so it is not really a workaround, but it might give some clue on the origin of the bug.


I just wanted to add that since updating to 8901.3.A.0134.20211116, I am having the same problem - I cannot select any autofill entry in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera - all are up to date versions). Except… I find that sometimes if I rapidly, repeatedly tap on one of the available autofill entries, it will eventually autofill.

Hi There is topic that deals with the 0134 update rather than this the 0132

You may also notice that the FP4 is having the same issue, you may want to watch that too ?

So it’s not browser related. The same bug may well be affecting different versions 0132, 0134, A11 … Sounds like we might be getting a handle on this bug. A possibility might be that the extent of the anchor (sensitive to touch) is far too short in terms of screen area. Like just a millimetre or pixel of screen instead of the full text value that the user wants to select. This would explain why repeated tapping may succeed in hitting that millimetre after a random number of hits.

Two things to try:

  1. Tapping at various points along the selected value, from one end to the other. Is one point more likely to produce a result?
  2. Any chance of getting a look at the code using developer options ? Probably needs something like this? I’m afraid I don’t have the time to mess around with this but I’m sure there’s a Good Geek somewhere would have a go :smiley:

Interestingly, I tried this approach and my problem disappeared. When the Autofill window opened, I clicked on the very left edge of it and it worked. Afterwards, no matter where I clicked, Autofill worked as intended.


There’s an update to Chrome in the Google Play store which fixed the issue for me.

Before I installed that I was also able to get it to work eventually, by touching the autofill selection again and again and again until it worked (as @Matthew_Wood described above). After the update it works first time.

Thanks very much to Fairphone support for investigating the issue and pointing me to the new update. :heart: