Google Apps can't be reinstalled

Once you fixed your GAPPS problem I’m interested in what problems you have. But since it’s not on topic here please find topics describing these problems or create a new thread. :smile:


I did try all tips on the support page, including the wiped cache. It did not help.

To replace my old smartphone (not enough internal memory and no bluetooth) I did buy the Fairphone with 16GB memory. I ended up with a Fairphone with not enough internal memory and a not proper working bluetooth and 420 euro less on my bank account (Fairphone and bluetooth headphone.) The headphone is working well on my tablet so it is the Fairphone causing the trouble.
In February/March 2014 Fairphone support did say they have a solution for the storage problem and it will be released ‘soon’. It didn’t.
Please tell me what is “fair” about that?

After a long time (I cannot recall exactly) I enlarge the storage as recommended on the forum because I get sick of all the storage problems. One Fairphone update made the storage problem bigger by solving the widget problem. The large log files did limit the use of the Fairphone even further.
Blaming the customer is an easy way out but Fairphone forced me to fix the storage problem outside official updates because there where no official fixes.

Nice words on a site are not enough. You must deliver the sold product as promised, Fairphone did not.

The installation packet including the storage to full 13GB did get things working again as before.

I did ask for support previous weekend and waited 4 working days (Monday was a holiday) for nothing.

I posted the not solved issues last year. I will not do it again; they will not be solved anyway. I will solve the issues by buying a new phone from a more reliable company.

If you really want do this, alright. But think about selling your used fairphone here or to recycle it.

Anyway i do not really understand from your post if the Google apps problem is solved for you or not. I also do not know if you know use an official partitioning (only one partition, ~13GB). If you still are interested in solving this, i recommend following the advice above.

I will give the Fairphone to another Fairphone user I know for spare parts.
The Google Apps issue is now solved using the official partitioning package I did find somewhere on the Fairphone site.

Well, I don’t really understand you saying that Fairphone is responsible for all this, if it turns out later on, that it is because you have changed the phones’ configuration yourself. If your explanation to Fairphone’s support was similar, then how do you expect them to answer anything? They first have to find the issue you have. I find it also unfair not to tell this in your post to the guys here who want to help you, but instead you blame Fairphone that they cannot deal with your changed configuration. It is an important piece of information without this proper help is impossible.

Fairphone allows you to change its configuration (on your own responsibility), while other phones do not. If you have changed it, you should also be able to revert it to its prior state. If not, why did you change it? The memory layout was the “traditional” Android memory layout used by every phone. I am happy that the guys have now found a way to use the memory better.

For the bluetooth issue: Did you buy the bluetooth headphone from Fairphone accessories shop or did you buy it separately? If you bought it separately, then you should know what you buy and what is compatible: There are several bluetooth stacks available. Fairphone offers 2, like most of the phones from when Fairphone released their phone, your headphone might use 4. In case this is the reason then you might want to find out how to utilise it with the other version, or you could have immediately give it back to your vendor because it didn’t work in the way you expected.

If you want to buy a new phone from “a more reliable company” then remember there are a lot of companies which sell their phones with a locked boot loader. You won’t be able to change partitioning at all. You won’t be able to have root in order to do what you want with your phone, removing ads, removing unwanted permissions and so on. But instead, many times you pay more. Of course, there are often ways which offer alternatives. If you use them, would you again blame your new phones’ company?

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I moved a post to an existing topic: Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google

Not one device running on Android 4.x I have seen has the storage limitation.
I do not consider a partition change something to loose the rights for updates. Maybe I am a spoiled Windows user. What I consider as ‘own risk’ is to loose the user information on the devise.
Till now I only used root access to get around the storage issue. (backup, partition, big log file issue). I do not have a problem with ads; that is the way we pay for all the ‘free’ stuff.

Before I did buy the headphone (there was no Fairphone accessories by then) I did ask Fairphone Support about the supported qualifications; it should be supported. I could not send the headphone back because I did got it for Christmas, 4 weeks before the delayed Fairphone. It does connect but the connection falls away for some seconds again and again.

And yes, probably a paid OS should be better then a ‘free’ OS. I do run Windows for 20 years without one unexpected reinstall after an update.

I wish Fairphone success with trying to make a more fair phone. Hopefully I am wrong about the future of Fairphone.

I have seen a lot cheaper phones with this (For example from Acer). I suspect this is how MediaTek, which supplies the platform for these, configured Android for these phones.

That is sad, could you find out if it is because of Bluetooth 4.0? Because at some time, the Specs of Fairphone mentioned Bluetooth 4.0 support, because thet chipset is perfectly capable of it, it’s just not implemented in software. It might well be that Fairphone was misinformed in the same way we were.

Maybe you can give Fairphone a second chance in 3 - 4 years, when your new phone get’s old. If FP is still around by then, i suspected them to be at Fairphone Generation 4 or later and if they are learning fast from mistakes in FP1, these could be really awesome devices.

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Samsung has done so, when Fairphone started selling.

Hi to all,
I’ve tried to update my FP to Kola nut 1.8.5 last version, without reading about the SD card procedure and the other option that connects the phone to the computer (I’ve read about it on the Forum but it was too late…).
Now I’m stuck in an eternal loop where FP asks me to download Kola Nut, install it, reboot the phone and then reinstall Google play for the apps.
How do I get out of here?

Please provide mor information:

  • which version you had before the update?
  • in which way you updated (via FP-updater-app or manually?
  • which version the FP-Updater-App reports for your current OS?

Did you repartition your Fairphone yourself?

Dear all, I nearly read all of the 252(!) posts but didn’t find a solution. Yes, I changed the partition manually a few month ago (First batch) to solve the “storage is full” problem when updating apps. After that I tried to update to Kola Nut but struggeled with the google play store problem. After that I tried nearly everthing described above (manually, automatic) Updates - Bulk android, Fairphone OS again and again, but nothing works. Can please someone describes me how I can update my fairphone from scratch? By the way - I tried to flash it as discribed in post 82 but was unable to extract the zip for the driver.

I am thankfull for any working solution to erase the idea of buying another phone :slight_smile:

I didn’t repartition the FP myself. I just pushed the button “update” when it appeared on the Fp and then it started downloading and installing. It asked to reboot, I did it, and that’s all. It seemed so simple that I didn’t think about partitioning whatsoever.
The version I still have on the phone is Cherry 1.6
I suppose I updated it “manually”. Or even not updated at all because it keeps on saying that I’m on Cherry 1.6 and I have to update.
I don’t know which version I have of the Fairphone updater. Nothing it is specified about that when I open the App.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> All and select the Fairphone Updater.

Hi Stefan, with the risk of it being a stupid question as you are saying you tried almost everything, did you test manually installing the unified partition as I mentioned about 20 posts up?

I had your problems, tried almost everything else and that’s what worked for me (and it was quite simple) , so thought I’d check :slight_smile:


Hi Wellbranch,
thanks for your reply - yes, I also installed the unified partition manually.

In the end last night I succeded with installing the Kolo Nut Version for Fairphone Second Batch. In think that the order in which you install the updates manually is very important (and from my point of view not clearly described in the post).

So for everybody who had the same problem - install the unified partion update manually and then try the Kola Nut update for first batch and - if this doesn’t work - use the one for the second batch (both manually). In my case I got an “Installtion aborted” message when trying to install Kola Nut for first batch.
Also important is just to install the Google apps after finishing the update and not to change or install something else.

Hope this helps anyone out there!

The wording on the download page is still not optimal, raised this issue with Fairphone support earlier after which they changed it a bit, but i think there is still room for improvement. If you have a **FP1U (second batch) OR applied the Storage Update you must use the version for FP1U - Mid-2014 (2nd batch) & FP1 with unified storage **, the filename would be

It’s version 27 for FP 1.8.4

That’s the latest version, so that’s good.

Did you ever try the “stay awake” trick? (settings > developer options + keep phone plugged in while updating)

PS: If that doesn’t help then next step would be to try installing manually. (also see the very next post by @Amber for more info on manual updating.)