Ghost touching, flickering and self use

My faire phone is starting to flicker and shut down during calls since one week. Since two days the display is starting to react by themselfe after activating the phone. Ian basically not able to use the phone and do any of the things that is recommended in the help desk because i am not able use the display by myself.
It is also not possible to remove the display from the rest of the phone like it is shown on i fix it.

Does anybody has andy request for fixing this problem?

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Sorry for the late reply.
It seems you are experiencing an array of the following issues:


and "shut down during calls I guess is one of these:

Please read these topics for workarounds & tips and continue there if you have further questions.
Also a software update is currently being tested which tries to fix some of these issues. You can apply here:

Oh and about not being able to take off the screen, take a look at this topic: