FP2 dropping calls

Today was the first time I did several phone calls with the FP2 and in maybe half the cases the call dropped after seconds or a minute. It seems to happen when I’m in the subway or first floor of a large building, but I have a strong feeling that this didn’t happen quite so often under the exact same conditions with my other smartphones. One time I barely walked down the stairs into the station and it was gone. In many of the cases the reception icon showed a decent reception (though I learned that with today’s phone tech this doesn’t mean much really).

What is your experience? And what’s the cause: Is the FP2’s antenna not great? And as a workaround, is there a better way to hold it during calling (as with the iPhone sometime ago during ‘antennagate’)?

That is annoying. I can imagine several reasons, even coincidence, since you only started yesterday. Could also be technical problems with your carrier / network provider.

Theoretically, the Antenna gate should be not a possible problem, since it was caused by the antenna being in the metal frame around the IPhone. When “holding it wrong” it was essentially short-circuited. The frame of the FP2 is plastic. Still the antenna could be influenced by your head/body or the phone could have a reception problem generally.

Try to use a headset, Bluetooth or cabled of you can. And if you like, keep an eye on this subject for other user reports.

Was the screen turned off during calls (see the topics about the proximity sensor). If the screen wasn’t turned off, holding the phone to your face could have dropped the call…


Alright, I have either earplugs or an earplug/mic combo and will try to use it. Will also keep an eye on the screen when it’s at my ear.

My provider is O2 in Germany, by the way.

I have exacly the same issue with my Fairphone 2.

  • I experiment a network issue almost every phone call (voices are blurred and cut)
  • I used to have a small network connection in a basement with my old smartphone (iPhone 5) but don’t have any network connection anymore with my Fairphone 2 (with the same operator & same SIM card!!)
  • I used to have phonecalls while driving on my work way (with my car’s handfree & iPhone 5) without any problem and, with Fairphone 2, I can’t have a chat more than 1min (basically with same problem discribed on first point) while driving on the exact same way then it looses the network (disconnection)

Note that my Fairphone has some other issues whose camera doesn’t work (clearly hardware issue). May be it’s just a bad manufactued one !?
I got a first answer from support today (after more than 2 weeks waiting) about my camera issue (and some other issues)… I wait for indications from Fairphone support.

I had the same problem. Lost a connection 3 times within 10 minutes, and I wasn’t in a ‘difficult’ place like an underground carpark… just at home.

I also have an exclamation mark next to the provider (yallo) name. What does that mean? The signal seems to be strong enough.

I am repeatedly losing my connection when using fp2 as a phone - arguably its most important function. This is a huge problem. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any solutions?

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Did anybody contact support about this problem?

I reported it yesterday and was told to expect a reply in approx. 8 days - there’s a backlog at support dept. caused by a flu epidemic at the office among other things …

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Would be great to know if there is a problem with the phone - I’ve had zero reception for a few days now. Tried my friends SIM card (on a different network) in my phone and I got signal, but when I put my SIM into his phone, it worked and got signal. So I don’t think there’s an issue with my SIM.

On the way to the phone shop now to try various combinations of phones and SIMs. Though it would be great to find another FP2 owner nearby to try and see if it’s a faulty unit…

I didn’t, since it doesn’t seem so severe. I don’t have problems as big as those @adam has.

My FP2 drops calls frequently, and sometimes I have to call 3-4 times, talk a few sentences and call again, before I can talk for a longer period. No depending on environment, Outdoors, indoors, ground level, 8th floor, same issue…

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I’m having the same problem as @3on . In fact I have the feeling that the radio in FP2 is significantly weaker than the one in my previous smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S2). Both at work and at home I have mediocre reception thanks to coated glass, but the SGS2 had stable connections even with 1 bar. The fairphone often loses connectivity, especially when taking a call, and stays offline with no signal for several minutes before it comes back.

I had the same thing. Since I am an engineer and don’t really care about my warranty ;-), I decided to have a look. What I found in my case was that the antenna cable connector in the left lower part of the phone was not seated correctly on the small circuit board under the cover plate. I clicked it in place and since then no more dropped calls.

Might or not might be the same problem for people here, but it’s worth to have a look I guess.

Hope I helped someone here.




I assume you are talking about the one on the left? Too bad they are missing a lot of pictures. But maybe other people can test it as well. Would be interesting to know.

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Yes, the left lower left corner. The little circuit board that connects to the antenna on the outside of the plastic frame is underneath the white plastic cover which is held in place by the two torx screws. In my case the antenna cable connector was not seated correctly and gave a clear ‘click’ when it snapped into place when I pressed it. Be carefull as this is very sensitive and easily broken if handled to rough.


Now everyone just has to get a torx screwdriver. Wait… Isn’t that what they wanted to avoid?

I just bought a torx screwdriver and had a look at the RF connector @Alfi1966 mentioned. It was firmly seated. I wiggled around the connector a few degrees just to be sure. I see two antennas in the body, on the left side and on the top. Are there different connectors for them? Or do they have a different purpose?

I am not entirely sure it is the physical RF connection though. I often experience loss of signal and inability to reregister for several minutes in locations where signal strength was perfectly fine minutes ago. Could this be a firmware issue as well?

With my old SGS2 I have often used the app “Network Signal Info” to track reception over time, but it does not seem to work so well with the FP2. The signal stregth in the app does not change, although the indicator at the top and the signal strenth in the system status change when moving the phone.

I am having the same sort of problems. Since getting my phone a few weeks ago almost half of the calls I make one of the callers cannot hear the other and we have to hang up and redial at least once. I have also lost the call on a few occasions. I have full signal when this happens and I’m not in any remote places. I am not a techy person and not sure what to do about this so any help would be appreciated. I have waited a few years to be able to afford a fairphone as I have refused to buy another unethical smartphone in the meantime - I am getting quite frustrated and disappointed. Do the moderators check these posts and offer advice/solutions at all?

Cheers Z

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