Ghost inputs on FP4

A photo of Hans de Vries’s construction wouldn’t be bad. :smile: :smiley:


That would actually be nice addition since I am definitely going to give support another hint towards this thread again. Also I will back up his suggestion to supply official stickers to attach to the screen.

I would also like to support this

they have asked me the same. by now i’m waiting for 2 weeks to get contacted by the repair team (for a second run), which i guess, will probably decline by myself (even though i could go the legal way and claim a whole new phone by german laws, if it still won’t work that way).
In the meantime, i took a look inside and disconnected and connected the display without thickening the foampad, so i guess, the foam is important in this matter.

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What makes me skeptical that the problem could be with the connectors is the fact that the ghosttouches also occur very often at zero vibrations. Yesterday, when I opened the phone when it was on, I even intentionally tapped the connector. But there were no ghost touches. And why is it often the case that after reconstruction measures, of whatever kind, the ghost touches appear again quite late? Why not right away? Above all, why can I provoke the ghosttouches when I swipe over the display with the USB cable or with another larger metal object? This can have nothing to do with the connector, rather with a too high sensitivity of the touch screen. But so what? With Hans de Vries it works.

Actually German law is quite interesting in this point. According to § 439 BGB (§ 439 BGB - Einzelnorm) when a product fails during the legal warranty period of two years, the buyer is entitled to choose how the vendor may cure the mutual contract. A repair is just as feasible as a replacement.

It is entirely possibel we are dealing with several unconnected problems here.
The way most people experienced ghost touches is different than my case which also came with a deterioration of screen responsiveness.
Some devices might be affected by a faulty connector. Others may have problems with the proximity sensor. And of course some devices might be affected by more than one problem.

But given the sheer amount of people affected by this issue(s), I am still going with Hans’ suggestions: In my opinion, the Fairphone 4 is facing at least one design flaw (connected to this issue).


The ghost touches are coming back, despite the tape on the connector.

I guess they are coming back with strips of insulating tape? Or did the foam stickers arrive in the meantime?

No, the foam stickers didn’t arrive yet.

An update on my case:
Since I am dependent on a working mobile phone I contacted support and asked for a replacement instead of a repair. Support replied that there have been several cases of users who had the issue solved successfully after a repair and that it is quite normal for these users to not return to the forum but ultimately support agreed to replace my device whithout a hassle. That’s nice and good service. So if you are reading this: Thank you, support. :v:

However I am not entirely convinced the problem will be solved with a new device as we have another Fairphone 4 in our household and it seems to be developing ghost touch issues as well.
I will try to give information on both cases here in the forum.

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Too bad. I would like to know if it somehow makes a difference wether you use the real deal or just some strips of tape. It’s a simple mechanical solution, so I’d expect the difference to be insignificantly small if there is any at all. But I will surely order some of the foam stickers as well :sweat_smile:

I’ve been battling with my touch screen deteriorating.


  • Erratic scrolling that causes many unintentional interactions in apps and lock screen
  • Difficulty or impossibility to swipe up to unlock

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Turning on show taps in developer options
  • Removing blue light screen protector
  • Removing official case
  • Cleaning the screen
  • Inspecting and reconnecting display connector
  • Placing some additional tape to increase the height of the display connector

Are others having an issue with the lock screen swipe up gesture? It’s as if no matter how far I swipe the pin screen up it just flaps back down instead of showing me the pin entry.

I got a FP4 sold to me second hand because I am from North America so I really need to confirm that a new screen will actually fix the issue. This thread is long and murky.

@Martin_1964 , a single layer of tape usually isnt thick enough. I added 4 layers of a 0,15 mm tape =0,6 mm in addition to the original foam pad. works for a week now.


I can confirm I had the ghost touch issues on lockscreen too, so when I swiped up, a ghost input came along and swiped the pin screen back down. Either that or a random pin / pattern was registered making it impossible to log in.

Could you see the ghost input that pulls down the pin entry with show taps turned on? I am not seeing anything other than my swipe tap though it just snaps back down afterwards.

I added 2 layers of 0.177mm tape so far. Did you have the same issue with lock screen swiping up?


I expressed myself incompletely. I also have 4 layers, but it doesn’t help.

That is indeed interesting. No actually I cannot confirm that. I hadn’t “show taps” turned on.

i had ‘show taps’ active since the problem first occured on my display (and still recommend it, if anyone wants to contact support) but haven’t tested it with insulating tape by now. do i have to place it between display and connector cable or you do you all have placed it before?

about the “lock screen backsnapping” issue: Do you have that exclusively when holding the phone in one hand and using the thumb to wipe the lockscreen? or also when you use two hands and therefore one finger to apply a (much longer) vertical wipe? last year I had the first mentioned issue but not connected to ghost touches. its gone now however I dont know whether I adapted my thumb-wiping method or whether the Software accepts shorter wipes now.