Ghost inputs on FP4

You place the tape onto the connector plug. On display side there is a piece of foam which is giving pressure on the plug, so basically you add pressure.

Do you have a picture of this?

Nah, sorry. But it is really self explaining when you see it. Here’s a picture from ifixit: Fairphone 4 Display tauschen - iFixit Reparaturanleitung


thank you. i’ll try it and will tell if it worked for me or not


Thanks everyone for the lively discussion, and in particular thanks @Hans_de_Vries for replying to my earlier request. Today I simply inserted a piece of cardboard (didn’t even bother to glue it somehow; hoping the pressure will keep it in place) between the connector and the foam pad. It is maybe 0.3 mm thick, but I find it hard to tell the precise thickness. I’ll keep you updated how sustainable this quick fix is. If it’s not, I’ll try a double layer of this cardboard, an additional foam sticker, or tape.


This is happening to me so frecuently that is gettin’ ridiculous, Will try this fix when I have some time.

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It happens off and on with two hands or one hand. It’s really annoying and it doesn’t occur on any of the other android phones I’ve used such as the Pixel 6a and LG G8X.

Seems that this is becoming more common lately, but sometimes the screen will start jumping all over the place with what seems like ghost inputs, going as far as opening apps etc.

The heck is that all about?

Turn on show taps in developer options and you’ll probably see taps in a vertical line down the center of the screen repeatedly. You can see it in the screenshots way up in the thread.

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Yea, I guess my thread was merged with this one.

What’s the solution? What’s FF saying about this?

@ecip :
Did you follow @phair 's advice? did you read this thread? it contains all you want to know. you dont need somebody to support you with that I guess?

My replacement phone also was giving ghost touches within 2 weeks, I contacted support again to make them aware but opted for the fix in this thread and added 5 layers of electrical tape. It’s been stable so far for a week, will keep an eye on it.

With regard to Fairphone support not acknowledging this, I got the reassurance that they are fully aware of this problem and they are investigating for a fix. They offered to keep me appraised when such a fix would be known.

But yeah, I agree that a simple post by a community manager on this would be better.


They are assuring this since several months now.
I sent them a message today asking critical questions about this issue (“is this hardware issue a neckbreaker for Fairphone”? etc.) and urged them to show us this is not the case. Dont know what they will return.



Hi all, just signed up for this forum to report the same problem on my FP4 and to further raise awareness.

Ghost inputs started randomly after having the phone for a few months, Thanks to this thread, I opened the phone, reconnected the screen connector, and used a few layers of scotch tape to increase its height. Since then, no new ghost inputs appeared (now for 3 days).

Thank you all for testing and reporting this issue!


Time for some update on my side:
On Saturday, I’ve put some insulating tape (7 layers) on the connector and tested the whole thing. After around 2 hours, I noticed that the display had slight pressure points from the inside. So I just unscrewed everything again and replaced the whole thingwith only 4 layers on the Display Connector and I hadn’t any problems ever since.
Meanwhile Support still hasn’t asked yet. Might wait until next week before i contact them again, if nothing changes
I’ll keep you updated.


Update from my side as well:
Solution with rubber mat piece added on 04.03. still seems to work. No more ghost touches until now.

Just to keep you updated: my 4 layers of ,15 mm tape aren enough seemingly. ghost touches came back app. two weeks after I applied it. next step would be to increase thickness and probably exchange the tape for something not having adhesive on it as in hot temps. these might be squeezed out from the tape package. above somebody mentioned cardboard.

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support answered that they forwarded my mentioned message to the board of management. dunno whether that changes anything.

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Hi! i ordered this but the wrong pads came, the link seems to point to 2mmx1mm pads…

Can you combine the foam pads to the right size?