Ghost inputs on FP4

Hi facetto,
I was the one mentioning cardboard. However, it did not resolve the problem for me. Either the cardboard was to thin or it doesn’t properly stay in place - I don’t know because I haven’t opened my phone since then. Since the ghost inputs don’t appear very often for me, I am kind of lazy to improve it - but my next step would be to insert a double-layer of cardboard.

So then, what does that mean? And what’s the fix?

As he himself said, “This thread is long and murky.”

Haven’t yet found a fix for this.

You can read a summary just jump to post 1 for this option

Else search the topic for “foam sticker”.

Most realible workaround so far is


my opinion: @ecip , it would be great if you follow @phair advice and invest some time to find the fix- info in this thread yourself. I am happy that so many people in this thread give their valuable input for solving the issue. Pls just take some time to digest that input.


I put some extra tape on mine and reconnected it. Haven’t had scrolling input problems since then I think.

Lockscreen still seems wonky though.

Mine has similar issues, with all sorts of apps. It will jump around, zoom in and out, type on its own, and I can only fix it by restarting. No clear trigger.

Haha, just tried this! It causes strong ghost inputs! Interesting! The difference ist though, that the inputs appear on the side of display that’s next to the inductive stove as opposed to the center of the screen.
but then again, those magnetic fields are very strong and it might be no wonder that this happens…

Foam, eh. Bleh… Not too pleased about having to open a less than 12 month old phone to patch it up

Well, I think you still have the choice:
either open a ticket and wait for support to fix the problem or try the mentioned fix yourself (or do both)…

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Hi Hans,
I ordered the sponges you presented here some time ago and ended your ghosttouch problem. I ordered them, but they didn’t come. It was some Chinese exporter. It probably doesn’t work. Do you have any other link from Ebay or Amazon or similar? Or a photo of your contact point from the display to the motherboard.
Greetings Martin

I’ve never had any problems with GhostTouch, but recently I’ve had the same. BUT only if I don’t make any entries on the Fairphone myself. I mostly notice that when I put it out of my hand on the table without locking it, it suddenly starts spinning.
Had never had these problems. Only recently.

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Mine is vertically across the screen, always centred. Is that what all of yours is like, too?—Loads of touches vertically?

I’ve noticed that it appears to occur when the cable is inserted into the USB port.

Did you read a bit above? There are several Screenshots :wink:

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No, I hadn’t. Thanks.

Always use Amazon for small, weird purchases. They’ll refund ya if it never arrived, and in fact will do so even if it does sometimes. I suppose that it does have a fair bit of cash.

I’m not quite sure about mine yet, it doesn’t follow any patterns and just seems chaotic when the phone freaks out.
Above all, I have the impression that it always makes a wipe and scroll gesture from top to bottom. I also notice this when chatting, when I suddenly get to the top of the chat history. From time to time the device also types some letters… it just sucks

I took the battery out for 10 minutes. At least now, after starting, I no longer have any abnormalities. But that can only be a snapshot.

i changed my battery 2 days before and now i have ghost touches too. But only on one position. It presses on 3-4 times.

Just for the sake of record and in case for anybody considering filing a lawsuit for this issue and FP handling of it:
I, too, have an FP 4 with that issue.

Support suggests sending it in (without a replacement phone being provided) or trying fixes in this thread.

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Another ghost input sufferer, on vertical centre line. Will try the fix detailed in this thread first before contacting support.

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