Ghost inputs on FP4

yeah, maybe i’ll try that. cheaper than buying a new screen :wink:

Awesome Hans! Thanks for sharing! Will try that too!

I can confirm that disconnecting and connecting back the display solves this problem. My phone is a few months old, no major drops, phantom touches every few minutes. I consider this as a factory/design defect, good it can be easily solved. The entire process took me about 5 minutes,

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So far 24h without ghost inputs. Reconnect and Tape on top.

I too have the same issue. Contacted Fairphone support on it and was asked to do a whole list of actions including doing a factory reset rather than them acknowledging this is an issue affecting many people

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You can only shake your head when you hear that.

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Yesterday I simply applied 4 layers of plastic adhesive tape stickers to the plug. total thickness of this is app. 0,6 mm. this hopefully is good to support the foam cushion in keeping the connetor in place. no ghost touches since then, however that doesnt mean anything, lets wait.

towards me they are acknowledging the issue. and say that they are cooperating with the smartphone assembly company to find a solution. however they said this end of january already and are talking about a software issue. I asked them about @Hans_de_Vries idea, lets see what they say.


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That’s kinda good news that they are acknowledging the problem. Maybe they will supply a workaround so that this problem will be history.

It’s a cheap solution and not difficult to apply. Thank you for your message.

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Hi, i bought a fairphone 4 in november 22. Having the same ghost inputs issues about 10 times a day for a few months.

I juste tried a version of Hans’s fix. I disconnected and reconnected the display and I added 3 layers of insulating tape (black kind) on top of the foam sticker. Having cutting it before exactly the same dimensions of the foam sticker.
So far so good, i’ll get back and report, thanks all for this constructive topic.


Several days ago I put three layers of duct tape on the sponge that press against the screen connector. I didn’t bother disconnecting the connector and reconnecting.
Previously I had the ghost inputs very regularly, at least a few times a day. It’s not happened since the fix.
It takes only 10min to do the fix.

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my proposal is to attach the tape to the plug and not onto the foam sticker. when you remove it will tear off half of the foam otherwise. (now lets hope nothing worse is happening when I remove the insulative tape from the plug in future :laughing:

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Yup, did so too. No ghosts since a week btw. :crossed_fingers:

I have started using my FP4 in March 2022 and first experienced ghost inputs somewhen around late 2022. The situation eventually worsended and general screen responsiveness deteriorated. Since 19th of March 2023 my phone is rendered unusable due to a 100% unresponsive screen.
I followed this thread and tried the recommended fixes:

  • Recennection of the screen has had a lasting effect once but the problem quickly returned (within a day) and worsened.

  • Applying tape or something to the screen connector has given enough screen responsivness to synch my data to googel - something I usually don’t do but I rather back up my data manually. Screen respnsiveness went down to zwero within a couple of minutes though.

  • I have reached out to support. The answer was a generic “do this test, do that test, try this setting”-thing. (Frankly I find it disrespectful to point someone who complains about a 100% unrespinsive screen to some screen tests or settings this person cannot access due to an unresponsive screen. Feels like support hasn’t even read my message.)

  • In my answer to support I linked this thread and pointed to the “solutions” suggested here. I have also, as suggested by support, made a factory reset. With no success. I am still locked out of the device with an unresponsive screen.

My partner also owns a FP4. Screen responsiveness on her device is deteriorating as well.

In my opinion it is obvious there is dasign flaw in the FP4 as so many users are affected. The fact that this discussion has been going on for over a year now with Fairphone adding literally nothing to the solution, not even acknowledging the problem should be considered outrageous given the money the take for this devices.
Personally I am at the point where, if Fairphone fails to provide an acceptable solution over the next days, I will consider not buying a new screen for 80+ Euro but adding a few more bucks to buy a cheap random phone from another company. But first I will wait for another answer from support and keep you updated.

Fairphone support suggested I send the device in for repairs. That isn’t optimal from a customer’s point of view but it surely is reasonable.
I am eager to hear, what they find out or which repairs they do if they aren’t offering a replacemant as they did for user @the-coding-owl.

My one was replaced as well and after some weeks it started again. Sending it in probably wont help much and considering the hassle I wouldnt recommend it.
Better Try the @Hans_de_Vries fix. works for me since 5 days now.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I have done that already. Doesn’t work for me like at all. But at least it worked long enough (couple of minutes) to rescue most of my personal data.
Even with the @Hans_de_Vries -fix I am down to 0% responviveness. That is why I hope sending it in might work. And if it breaks again, I will try to get a (partial) refund and ditch Fairphone alltogteher.
Reading this thread gives me a really bad feeling about the whole company.

How long did your replacement work before you experienced the same issue again? Maybe it is worth it to use the @Hans_de_Vries -fix in a preventative way with a new phone.

It’s now been more then three months since I applied the extra cushion sticker. Since then I drop the phone on the table, use it in my car for navigation etc. Especially in my car the phone vibrates much and after more then three months I can conclude that the ghost inputs haven’t returned.Now I am happy with my fairphone and I suspect that this is a design flaw. I really hope that fairphone will supply official stickers to attach to the screen. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t cost much. Regards.


I used to have a small foam on the connector. That didn’t work. Again and again ghost touches. A few weeks ago I ordered the small devices from Hans de Vries. However, they still haven’t come, from China or anywhere else. Now yesterday I redid everything again with insulating tape, which takes up a larger area than my original upholstery. So far, it’s good.

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Yeah, I have read the entire thread before making an account. So i have seen your fix helped quite a few users and I am happy for everyone who applied it successfully.
Your idea eith the official stickers is great and I will suggest that to support when I contact them again.
Unfortunately this fix didn’t work for me but I think I will apply it as a precaution IF my phone get’s repleaced. Thank your for your support, @Hans_de_Vries :v: