Ghost inputs on FP4

You can use apps like GitHub - darshanparajuli/LogcatReader: A simple app for viewing logs on an android device. (filter function is a bit buggy, it combines all the entries with an “OR” condition, so you can’t filter for more than one tag at once) or access logcat via adb.

At least these occur on my phone plentyfully without any ghost touches.

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Now, I offered a ticket by the support. My Question: Is it normal that no confirmation email comes. One has the feeling that the support ticket is sent to nirvana.

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you should receive an automatic mail with ticket number. As long as you received that, patience is the key😉

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@Martin_1964 : with activating the pointing indication as described in my previous post your video would get much more useful for us…

Ok, I make it again with it.

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The same problem occurred for me within a week of return from repair. Got a replacement phone and will have to return the old one, I’m assuming for further research.

So sit tight and hope that they can come up with an easy fix for the people that are comfortable doing it themselves.

Having the same issue. Anyone tried hans_de_vries method and having success?

Hello Sahazo,

Answer 2: The sticker can be attached to the screen. When you dismount the screen and flip it around you will see a black sticker on the screen. This is the location where the connecter will house when mounted.

Answer 3: The sticker can easily be removed in case of a warranty claim. No problem at all

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It is now 2 months ago that I performed my fix. The ghosting has never returned. I also am able to make the screen respond when I hover with the usb-charger cable above the screen but I do not get ghosting effects but more effects like you have when you use your finger. In other words, no ghosting effects or flickering of the screen but normal behaviour.


Some alternative to the sticker to put more pressure on the display connector:
I used a thin rubber mat from an old IR remote control and cut out a very small piece that I put on top of the connector before remounting the display. This should also not move at vibrations and is still thin and elastic enough.
Fingers crossed that it will do the trick this time.


I mainly had this problem when my phone was cold and I had a warm hand on the side of the screen. Last week i dropped it and the screen protector cracked and it got worse. When I received a new protector I took the chance to reattach the screen connector inside and thickened the foam pad with two patches of insulation tape to increase the pressure. No ghost inputs for the last two days!


Hi all!

Thanks for writing about your issues here! Just adding briefly to the conversation that I have the same problem with vertical lines of ghost touching in the centre of the screen. Bought the phone in November and the ghost touches started to occur and have gradually become worse during the last few weeks. I have contacted support of course.

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Dear FP community,

Since fairly recently I noticed a strange issue with my FP4 I would like to know what to do about.
Sometimes when I am writing a message, my FP4 starts scrolling up (or down) or typing seemingly random letters, without me touching the screen.
So far, the only thing that works is locking and unlocking the screen, shaking or restarting the device.
What could this be? And what can I do?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

I moved your post here, please read above

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Same thing here. Random calls included :grimacing: i do have a small crack in the display, but i wonder if thats the problem (after seeing this topic )…

Hey dzwietering, after 6 days still no ghosts? The connector seems to be the mainsource of those problems.

Still fine here. I tried to do everything that usually led to ghost inputs, even cooling my phone, but this seems to solve the problem.

In a way, this could be related. A fall can not just crack your display, but also loosen the connector. :grin:
But since the procedure to tighten the connector again is the same as replacing the display, you can just go for it and see if your cracked display works fine afterwards.

I had no ghost inputs since reassembling my phone months ago, and now I even live with a cracked display for weeks without any problems. Yes, I’m kind of clumsy regarding my phone…

Yeah, same thoughts here. I will try dzwietering’workaround this evening. Hopefully I get the same results.

Almost three months after my workaround and no ghost inputs yet. It seems to be fixed now.