Getting STEREO LINE-IN from external source?

I run a Youtube channel as a hobby musician and I just bought a Fairphone!

I usally make my videos with a GoPro10, and I play along to Youtube with guitar into a mixer that then sends a stereo signal to my GoPro. That way, I have the audio already in the video as I import to computer and can quickly upload on Youtube. No audio synch or anything needed.

How do I do this with a Fairphone 4?

There’s no stereo jack input on it.

And the USB C Audio Jack seems to only have a mono mic input, which is not gonna work since it NEEDS to be stereo to get the full width of the songs.

Here’s an example of one of my videos (made with GoPo)

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Have you checked the list of compatible USB-C audio adapters?

I had a quick glance and couldn’t find one which specifies stereo line-in, most seem to support only regular mic-in, didn’t find P.MMIC / P.382 mentioned either, so most likely mono.

You should probably be looking for something like a Roland GO:MIXER PRO-X

That’s made for that kind of usecase. It supports Android, can’t tell you how well it works in conjunction with the FP4 though :man_shrugging:

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Thats one option.

I suppose I will go for this tho after much investigation.

It just has unbalanced RCA-inputs but it may not be a problem in a homestudio environment

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