Gesture typing (Swipe) Function not available without Google Keyboard

Super happy and proud with my new fairphone2 received this morning. I was happily surprised when I discovered that the swype functionality is part of the default settings on the phone…but it also for now the only thing I couldn’t get to work. Is there another way to switch it on…cause the functionally isn’t active on any of my apps also it’s ticked on in my settings…



I moved your issue from “Software - Android 5.1” to “FP2 Help” because it is not a general discussion, but a specific problem.

Are you using the Google keyboard or AOSP?

The default in FairphoneOS is the AOSP keyboard. I confirm that even by unticking and re-ticking the box for the keyboard’s swype option the fonctionality remains off.

Might be the standard aosp keyboard feature: the option is there, the function is missing. Same on my omnirom system. Had to install Google keyboard, seems the aosp keyboard misses the function (still)


I had exactly the same issue. Could indeed be resolved by installing google keyboard, which is funny because I thought I was using that already. Nevermind, thanks for the support guys! :+1:

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Works after installing Google keyboard.


Hello Everybody,

Im used to swipe over the letters on the Keyboard to generate the words for the messages. But in FP2 it doesen’t work anymore. The function ist turned on . Under in german: “Bewegungseingabe” all 4 options turned on but it doesn’t work.

Does the swipe function works by you?

Thanks a lot



You have to install the Google keyboard or another keyboard app in order to use this function.

Doesn’t this count as a bug? Either the option should go away because it’s misleading, or whatever Google Keyboard installs should be installed by default…


well, yes, but actually it is not an FP2 bug, its an AOSP keyboard bug. I had this on Omnirom 5.1 also… AOSP keyboard FC with swype…


If this is still true, then the gesture typing library is missing in the Fairphone Android. And in that case I’d clearly consider it a bug that could be and should be fixed through an OS update.

If you can’t / don’t want to include this library in your ROM, then you should disable the gesture typing option completely.

The workaround would be to install the Google keyboard, but I personally don’t really want to do that.


Or any other keybord app, if you don’t want an other Google app :smile:

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Good point, but I’m generally happy with the AOSP keyboard and don’t really want another company to be able to read my keyboard presses (although it should be fine if the app doesn’t get internet permission).

Do you know of any simple, nice to use and open source keyboards that support gesture typing?


I use the SwiftKey-keyboard. Definitely not open source without internet access, but I find it very easy to use (also because of the multilingual option)

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where can one find the option “Slide Keyboard” in order to write messages quicklier?

Thanks in advance.

You’ll need Google Keyboard.

Because you have the same issue in Omnirom, you can draw the conclusion that this is not a bug of FairphoneOS?

I use AOSP keyboard with Cyanogenmod on my old i9100, and swiping input works correctly.

@paulakreuzer, I don’t understand why this point should not be considered as a real known bug of FairphoneOS.


Thanks for your help.

It’s a bug in a few roms. And known by many. Probably a library which comes with Google keyboard, either in form of some gapps, or maybe the ROM maintainer knows to include it. I don’t know which it is, so you could argue…