🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)

I don’t work at Fairphone, so I don’t have any more information than the one that has been collected in the post that @urs_lesse linked to.

I have been using the original Huawei battery for a month now. It still works without problems. For the installation I imitated it @Stefan and used a cable binding. The height is optimal and the battery fits well in the top. It does not slip.
With this solution I am happy.


Somewhere the past two days this product has gone out of stock as well :cry:


I think I’ll be ordering this Akku-King battery @BertG mentioned: https://www.amazon.de/Akku-King-Huawei-Ascend-U8812D-Phoenix/dp/B00BPG42EI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1501660045&sr=8-2&keywords=HB5N1H

EDIT: I just figured that VHBW is also selling directly on Amazon.de, so I ordered the same battery (at least, that’s what I’m hoping) :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00NA09DTG/

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Noooooo!!! :scream: And I’m afraid that all Fairphoners that ordered one of those are to be blamed for the out-of-stock battery… :upside_down:


Oh dear…

Just ordered the Akku King battery just in case. Original battery still working fine, so I’ll just keep the new one in the fridge until I need it.

Perhaps a little bit late but here is a 3D design to fit
Li-Ion-Akku - 1800mAh (3.7V)
in fairphone 1.
It’s simple but has the slope to avoid breaking the corner.

Hope it helps

For me, battery is working perfect.


The “electropapa” link unfortunately states, that the 1,800 mAh version is out of stock.
On Amazon it is still available at 21.89 Euro (4 in stock)

The AkkuKing on the other hand is still available at 12.90 Euro

  • on Amazon (18 in stock)


On Amazon.de there are other NoName “brands” as well:

  • There is a China-accu at 15.20 Euro
  • And another one by X-Longer at 14.03 Euro:

Seems the demand for this generic battery by FP1 users is draining the stock (especially of the vhbw variant) as well as raising the prices for them.

I can just confirm, that the AkkuKing is working fine in my FP1.

The “China” version at least gives no indication whatsoever of any kind of protective mechanism against overheating or short circuit (yet it comes with a CE-sign and I don’t really know, if that’s an indicator on that behalf).

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With cheap no-name goods it is safer to assume the CE marking was just printed on to make it through EU customs without hassle :wink: .

And nobody should claim it means “Chinese Export” …

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vielen Dank für den Hinweis auf das Akkumodell, mein Fairphone 1 Akku hat sich aufgebläht und das Fairphone hat nur noch etwa eine Stunde funktioniert, bevor es sich ausgeschaltet hat.

Ich habe, wie in Deinem Post beschrieben, ein Stück eingepasst, dass den Ersatzakku in Position hält.

Ich bin richtig froh, dass mein Telefon jetzt wieder funktioniert. Danke schön für diesen rettenden Hinweis!

schöne Grüße


Only 14 in stock left today - be fast, people ^^
Unofortunately the delivery to The Netherlands/Belgium of Akku-King is € 8,90 (compared to the free delivery of the original vhbw). Oh well, at least my mum can use her phone again for longer than 2 minutes.

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After one month of use…

  • The battery is still working pretty well. With 1500 mAh, the capacity is less than the previous one ! But, as a small user of it it is really enough. I always have a cable with a small car charger and a small network charger-plug in my back bag. I’m quite secure even for a long period.
  • The back cover has suffered with the previous bloating battery. It has appended that it opened in my pocket. Maybe the cardboard is not the best material to block the battery.
  • Less than 8 €. A good solution for me. I can live with only 1500 mAh.

The Akku-King batteries seem to be sold out; at least that’s the statement in their own online shop. On amazon the seller gives 2 to 3 weeks delivery time (so out of stock there too).
The chinese batteries are given with 19 remaining.

I am sure, that FP1 has generated that surge in demand; I just wonder if they will produce another batch.
As I have my doubts, it might be time to look for another alternative. :frowning:

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Hi, thanks for the battery link. I have tried to buy a battery using google translate, but I have not been able to register to buy one.

Can you please advise me further thanks …

I don’t know, where you are located of course; and btw. which link you followed.

Best would be to just search for the Huawei battery “HB5N1H” on your national/local platforms (amazon, ebay …). Should you not be able to locate one with 1,800 mAh capacity, go for one with 1,500 mAh (like the original Huawei). There are some people here in this forum, that have stated to have made good experience with them as well.
It even seems, the difference between those batteries is not really worth to mention.


I found an website where I can buy the battery but I do not totally understant what the resilient spacer is and where I can find this?? Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

@Marleenvdzanden you’re are probably referring to the quoted paragraph above. The “spacer” makes sure that the battery stays in place. It takes up the space between the battery and te mid frame. You can use anything that fits as a spacer, for example, a cable tie.

Please give us a link of the site where you bought the battery.


Thanks! I just ordered the battery, this is the website:

or if this link doesnt work: https://www.123accu.nl/


Welche Probleme kann es mit dem huawei Akku geben?
Habe zunächst mal die Elektronik aus dem Original Akku auf ein Samsung Akku gebastelt. Funktioniert, aber ist natürlich nicht das gelbe vom Ei.
Viele Grüße eines sehr enttäuschten FP1 Benutzers.

Na ja, ich rate mal.
Wenn die internen Sicherheitsschaltkreise nicht funktionieren oder nicht mit Fairphone zusammenarbeiten, dann kann der Akku überhitzen und durchschmoren, ohne dass man es merkt.
Da FP1 nicht mit einem hohen Ladestrom arbeitet, sollte die geringere Kapazität des Akku kein Problem beim Laden sein.
Grundsätzlich halte ich jedenfalls einen solchen Akku für sicherer als einen selbst gebastelten (gilt jedendfalls, wenn ich das versuchen würde :wink: )
Für mich funktioniert der Akku-King Akku mit 1.800 mAh bislang ohne Probleme. Sollte jedenfalls die Enttäuschung lindern oder beseitigen helfen, solange es nur um den Akku geht. :slight_smile:

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Hall Bert,
Danke für die schnelle Antwort. Werde in jedem Fall auf diese Lösung umsteigen.