Starting FP1 without battery

Today, i suddenly had to return from holliday by plane and didn’t dare to take my bloating FP1 battery into it. So i asked to hotel owner to deliver it at the chemical waste. But still, i’d like to start the phone once more to get some data out.

What would be needed to make the FP1 think there is a battery inside and let it start from an external power source?


Sorry, not really an answer to your question.
Yet; you don’t have to get rid of your FP1 just for a broken battery. Try this one:

There are quite a few possibilities right now:

At one time there was a swiss shop, that sold one of those generic batteries wrapped with a spacer in such a way, that it fit into the battery compartment.
This offer seems to be available no more; maybe because it was critizised in this forum for not offering any warranty.


To answer your question you’d need something like this DIY device built by @darsie:

But I guess @BertG’s qsuggestion above is more secure and sustainable.

If you really don’t want to stick to your FP1, look out for another Fairphoner in your area who might be willing to lend you his battery for a short while. Either here …

… or make a call here in the forum.

Oh, and offer it in this forum’s marketplace afterwards. :slight_smile:


The battery for a HB5N1H costs about €9 and with a little DIY spacer making it works perfectly. If I can work out how to upload a photo I’ll show mine.

Thanks for the suggestions.
For the moment, i just bought a HB5N1H battery (without knowing how it was made and who dug the kobalt).
If the FP1 works properly with this, i’ll keep it until i have something better. If I still have to remove this battery regularly because the phone hangs and turns black, i’ll offer the phone and the battery to the forum.

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Have you ever tried to keep holding the power button to trigger a restart (instead of taking out the battery)?

Yes, i did. the phone didn’t respond to anything.
Until now, i thought it frooze because of the bad battery. Today, with the new battery, it also happened a few times, maybe because my spacer (half a clothes peg) left some space for the battery to move.
When the phone freezes, it is usually during a phone call so even if i could reset it with the power button, it is not reliable.

Please discuss everything else in another topic.